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There are many steps involved in applying to the Nursing programs at Bellevue College. Since each step has different requirements and therefore requires different advice, students might speak with more than one advisor while applying to and attending Bellevue College. Below are the different advisors available, and who you should contact based on your current progress and/or question.

Before contacting any advisers, we recommend reading through the Nursing website, particularly our Information Sessions. These information sessions give a detailed overview of each program, and will prepare you to talk about your individual needs with your advisor.

Confused? Try filling out our advising questionnaire.

Before contacting any advisors, visit:

Nursing Website

The information that you need might be on our website. Please look through the resources that we have provided to find out about our programs and their requirements.

Nursing Website

Nursing Information Sessions

Our Information Sessions give a detailed overview of each program’s information, requirements, and admissions within one self-paced session.

Information Sessions

Nursing Advising Questionnaire

If you’re having trouble figuring out where to go for advising, consider filling out our questionnaire to be directed to the answers to your questions.

Advising Questionnaire

Before you meet with any advisors, you should look through our website for the information that you need. This will prepare you to meet with advisors so they can help you with your specific needs (instead of focusing on general information). It is also possible that the answer that you are looking for has already been answered, and then you will not have to wait for an appointment or response email!

If you need help with college resources and admissions:

Admissions Advising

For help with Bellevue College general admissions, orientation, and new student steps, meet with an Admissions Advisor.

Admissions Advising

Student Central

Questions asked to Student Central can be directed to multiple different departments, including Financial Aid, Evaluations, and Advising.

Student Central

BC Chat

On the left (desktop) or bottom (mobile) of the Bellevue College Main page, there is a chat feature to talk with the Welcome Center.

BC Main Page

Questions about BC general admissions and college resources should be directed to the experts: Student Central. While we can give you information about our own program, each applicant’s situation is unique and more accurate information can come from departments other than Health Sciences and Nursing. Go to Student Central if you have questions about registering for classes, financial aid, transferring credits, or placement testing.

If you need help picking prerequisites or career advice:

Academic Advising

The Bellevue College Academic Advisors can help you with planning your classes and setting goals to help you apply to the Nursing program.

Academic Advising

Center for Career Connections

Career specialists can help you clarify your goals, interests, and values to help you plan a rewarding career.

Career Connections

Prepare for your appointment

Read through the requirements for our programs before meeting with an Academic Advisor or Career Specialist.

Nursing Info Sessions

If you are currently working on the prerequisites for Nursing and need help with selecting classes or preparing to apply, you should meet with an Academic Advisor. They can help you with your education plan. If you are exploring your options for careers, including Nursing, you may wish to speak with the Center for Career Connections first, as they can give you one-on-one career advising.

If you need help with your application:

NAC Advising

Questions about the NAC program requirements or application can be asked via email.

Email NAC Program

ADN Advising

Questions about the ADN program requirements or application can be asked via email.

Email ADN Program

RN-BSN Advising

Questions about the RN-BSN program requirements or application can be asked via email.

Email RN-BSN Program

If you are ready to apply to your program of choice and have questions, or if you have any specific questions about your candidacy or application requirements, please contact us via email. Due to the high volume of queries, there may be a delay in our response, however we will do what we can to answer or direct you to the answer to your question in a timely manner.

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Last Updated May 20, 2022