RN-BSN NursingCAS Application Instructions

The Bellevue College RN-BSN Program’s application is available through NursingCAS. NursingCAS is pretty simple to use, with a chat feature and help sections for each application section. However, as each program is unique, we usually have some questions about our application and where different score criteria should be entered. Please use this guide to help you fill out your NursingCAS application and ensure that it is complete.

  1. Start your NursingCAS application
  2. Fill out the sections in your NursingCAS application
  3. Double check documents and information
  4. Submit and pay for application
  5. Check for completeness

Application Steps

1. Start your NursingCAS application

  • Our application is available through NursingCAS.
  • You must create an account in order to find the Bellevue College ADN program in the list.
    • We recommend that you use the email account that you check the most when setting up your NursingCAS account. This will ensure that you do not miss any important notifications.
  • The program will not be listed until the application start date.

2. Fill out the sections in your NursingCAS application

  • You must complete all required sections of the application completely and honestly.
  • If you have difficulty with NursingCAS, they have help sections and a chat feature to help with filling out your application.
  • Upload all documents as flattened PDFs (submitting a PDF with form fields can lead to loss of information).

NursingCAS Sections

Personal Information

  • Required documents uploaded here: None

  • Some demographic and background information is optional, but filling it out gives us and NursingCAS valuable information so we can continue to work on improving our diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

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Academic History

  • Required documents uploaded here:
    • Unofficial transcripts

  • Fill out your entire academic history accurately.
  • When entering college information, you can list in-progress or planned quarters if you are still finishing up your ADN program or statistics course.
  • You must attach unofficial transcripts from all colleges you have attended, or else your application will be marked as incomplete by NursingCAS.
  • Enter your statistics course in the Transcript Entry sub-section.
    • Adding other courses is optional.

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Supporting Information

  • Required documents uploaded here: None

  • Licensure and Certifications subsection
    • Add your RN license information here.

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Program Materials

  • Documents uploaded here:
    • Resume
    • Personal Statement
    • RN License

  • References subsection
    • Designate three (3) professional references
      • You can return to this section to see if your recommendations have been completed.
      • You may also re-send the request if your reference misplaced their email.

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3. Double check documents and information

  • Look through your NursingCAS application to make sure that all information is correct.
  • Make sure that you have uploaded the correct documents (giving them distinct names helps!)
    • Unofficial transcripts are the only documents uploaded outside of Program Materials. Make sure they are uploaded in Academic History for each college you have attended.
  • You can’t remove or change anything after submitting, so check everything!

4. Submit and pay for application

  • When you are sure everything is correct, submit your application.
    • Pay the fee of $55 to submit your NursingCAS application.

5. Check for completeness

  • NursingCAS has different statuses based on the completeness of your application.
    • If your application has a status of Received it is missing important documents.
      • Usually this means that you did not attach one or more of your unofficial transcripts OR your evaluators have not completed their evaluations.
      • We cannot review your application until all transcripts have been attached and all evaluations have been turned in.
      • You can add these after your application has already been submitted.
    • If your application has a status of Complete then you have submitted a document for all the required documents and all three of your evaluations have been returned.

Regarding Application Content and Admission Decisions

Your application is your responsibility. Bellevue College Nursing is not responsible for outdated, incorrect, or missing information on the application you submit via NursingCAS. To make sure you have uploaded the correct document(s), be sure to select the “preview” button after attaching each document and review the content. If you have uploaded the wrong document or a change you made is missing, remove it from NursingCAS and upload the correct one.

The admission committee reviews applications based on the information and required documents you provide in the application. The committee does not review documents not submitted through NursingCAS. Bellevue College Nursing will answer application questions as a courtesy. The answers to these questions are not part of the official committee application review and the guidance provided does not guarantee your application will be successful.

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Last Updated March 16, 2021