Assessment Preparation

You should refresh your English and math skills before taking the assessment so you can get the most appropriate placement.

Go during walkin hours to take assessments. Check the Testing center website for testing hours.

If you plan to take any math or other courses with math prerequisites (such as Chemistry or Physics) at BC, you will also need to take the ALEKS math assessment.


  • ADDITIONAL options for English placement:
    • High School transcript, current copy with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Smarter Balanced Language Art score of 3 or 4, may be used for Running Start students (8th grade scores not valid)

Procedure to have High School Transcripts/Smarter Balanced Reports evaluated for Placement:

  • Email a copy of your high school transcript to  , along with your student ID#.  We cannot process anything without your student ID#.
  • (or)
  • Student must bring a copy of your most current High School transcript to Room B-142
  • Your transcript does not need to be official, however it must be a printed copy, not an image on an electronic device
  • You must also bring Photo ID and your Bellevue College Student ID#, high school photo ID is fine.
  • Make sure your Bellevue College SID is noted on your submission.

Let’s Prep!

On our Bellevue College’s Mathematic Department website, you can find past math finals from Math 097, 098, and 099 which you can use to study. To view and download the math final exams, go to the Math Department website

Last Updated March 29, 2018