Running Start (RS) General Rules and Information

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  • The Bellevue College transcript includes all courses taken, and acts as an official record of your achievement and enrollment.
    • The college does not remove courses and grades from the transcript because of your age or status in high school.
  • The college does not give parents and guardians access to your records or information, without your written consent. The college provides an online form for you to use if you wish to share your student record information: Student Information Release Authorization form.
    • Instructors may not agree to meet with or talk to parents/guardians regarding  your progress in class.
  • The college shares all RS academic records with your school district, as a part of your participation in the RS program.

  • The college maintains an adult learning environment, which includes sharing diverse and opposing viewpoints. These views may challenge closely held beliefs.
    • If asked, instructors may not agree to replace an assignment, even if the assignment conflicts with your beliefs.  
    • You may wish to check the course syllabus carefully, and talk to the instructor at the start of the quarter if it appears there may be a conflict with the class materials and assignments. The division offices also keep course syllabi on file for review.
    • Understand that some instructors include class attendance at part of your final grade. Make sure you understand all your instructor’s requirements and what goes into your final grade.

  • The college expects you to understand and keep track of your high school graduation requirements.
    • You can meet with college RS advisors and high school counselors to ensure you meet your high school and college goals.
    • Note: We do not require you to go beyond completing your high school graduation requirements.
  • The college cannot guarantee your enrollment in specific classes, even if you need the class to meet your high school graduation requirements.
  • The college expects you to arrange your schedule so that your college classes do not conflict with your high school classes and events.
    • Instructors do not reschedule final exams and you may fail your class if you miss the final exam.
    • If asked, instructors may not give you permission to miss class due to high school events, such as graduation.
    • You must talk with your instructors at the start of the quarter if you feel a conflict may exist.

  • Running Start does not pay for:
    • Credits above the number listed on the Enrollment Verification Form
    • Classes below the 100 level (i.e., Math 098)
    • Class and student fees
    • Books, supplies, and other materials required for classes
    • Transportation and parking fees
    • Audited classes

Even though RS students do not pay tuition, after you enroll you must pay any fees due to the college by the tuition due deadline located on the Academic Calendar. Failure to pay by the deadline can result in the college dropping you from all classes.

You can request a Fee Waiver if you qualify.

  • Read all emails and other information sent to you from the RS program and the college.
    • Notify the RS office of any changes to your contact information.
    • Talk with your RS advisor and high school counselor if you wish to drop a class.
    • Drop yourself from the classes you do not wish to take.
      • The Enrollment Services Office can help.
      • Failure to drop a class by the deadline results in a failing grade on your transcript.
  • Understand and follow the deadlines listed on the academic calendar.
  • Earn at least a 2.0 each quarter you take classes at the college. See the Academic Progress Rules below.

  • You may participate in the program for a maximum of 6 quarters:
    • Three quarters in the 11th grade.
    • Three quarters in the 12th grade

*Note Summer Quarter is not counted in these calculations

The college expects you to maintain a high standard of academic success as a condition of taking part in the RS Program.

The college requires students to earn at least a 2.00 grade point average (GPA) each quarter.

Tips to maintain and Improve Overall GPA

  • Consider dropping a class by the deadline located on the academic calendar.
    • A withdrawal (W) does not impact your GPA.
    • Make sure you discuss dropping a class with your high school counselor first to make sure you still meet enrollment requirements.
  • If you completed at least 80% of class assignments and tests (for the quarter), and you earned at least a C in the completed work, you can ask the instructor to give you an incomplete grade.
    • Incomplete grades (I) do not impact your GPA.
    • You must complete all missing work by the end of the next quarter.
    • Instructors must approve your request and can deny giving an incomplete grade.

Please review our Bellevue College RS Program Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for general, troubleshooting, and fee waiver questions. If you are not able to get your question answered feel free to email

Last Updated February 21, 2024