Current Running Start (RS) Students

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As you continue your educational journey at BC, keep in mind the steps you must complete each quarter you enroll for classes. These steps include:

All RS students must submit a new EVF each quarter they participate in the RS Program (Fall, Winter and Spring):

  • Your high school and the college use this form to track the number of credits you can take using RS funds.  
  • Without this form the college charges you the full rate of tuition and fees, and we cannot count you as a RS student.  
  • Submit the form online using the links below. This process requires you to login with your NetID, and upload your EVF in PDF format.

Note: You cannot enroll for an upcoming quarter until you submit the EVF, and our office processes it. During peak times (once enrollment begins) this can take up to 5 business days. We send you an email once we process the EVF.

  • Use this link for step-by-step instructions on How to Enroll for Classes
  • Before enrollment begins schedule a meeting with your high school counselor, home school coop, or other district contact to complete the EVF.
    • Use this link to download the EVF in PDF Format so your high school counselor/advisor/district contact can complete and sign the form.
      • Note: The RS office places a hold on your record, which prevents you from enrolling for classes until you submit the EVF.  
    • If you decide to enroll for less credits than approved by your high school, you must check with your high school counselor first to make sure your enrollment meets state attendance rules.
  • Submit the EVF form 5 business days before your enrollment appointment. Use this link to access the Upload and Submission Site
  • If you qualify for a fee waiver, or you wish to request a fee waiver, use the RS Fee Waiver form.
  • Remember, RS does not cover classes below the 100 level (i.e. Math 099), or classes that exceed the number of allowed credits on your EVF.

Use this link for information about How to Enroll for a Class that is Full.  

Use the Academic Calendar on a regular basis to help you plan. Use it to understand: 

  • Enrollment dates. 
  • The last date you can drop a class.
  • The deadline for paying your fees.
  •  When finals occur so you can coordinate events, such as your high school graduation. 

The college expects you to maintain a high standard of academic success as a condition of taking part in the RS Program.

You must earn at least a 2.00 grade point average (GPA) each quarter.

Tips to Maintain and Improve Overall GPA

  • Consider dropping a class by the deadline located on the academic calendar.
    • A withdrawal (W) does not affect your GPA.
    • Note: You must contact your high school counselor before dropping classes to make sure you still meet state attendance requirements.
  • If you completed at least 80% of class assignments and tests (for the quarter), and you earned at least a C in the completed work, you can ask the instructor to give you an incomplete grade.
    • Incomplete grades (I) do not affect your GPA.
    • You must complete all missing work by the end of the next quarter. If you do not complete the missing work, the college changes your grade to an F (failing).
    • Instructors must approve your request and can deny giving an incomplete grade.

Use this link to view the RS General Rules and Information page.

Please review our Bellevue College RS Program Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for general, troubleshooting, and fee waiver questions. If you are not able to get your question answered send us an email at