Running Start (RS) Resources

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The RS program and the college offer you a variety of services and tools to help your transition to college, and your success in reaching your education, future career, and personal goals. The resources listed below include the ones most often requested by RS students. For a more detailed list, go to Resources to Support Students.

  • Report a Concern
    • Share or report a concern or seek support
  • Title IX Information
    • This law prohibits gender-based discrimination, and provides ways for you to receive on-campus support if needed
  • COVID 19 Student Resource Portal
    • Learn how the college protects you and our community during the pandemic, including campus rules and vaccination requirements
  • Campus Emergency Alerts
    • Sign up to receive a text message and email anytime an emergency on campus creates a safety concern for the community.

If you currently receive accommodations due to a disability, or you receive services under an IEP or 504 plan, you may qualify for an accommodation at BC.

  • High school and college accommodations are not the same. You must contact and meet with the staff in our Disability Resource Center (DRC) to learn about the services BC can offer you.

The Academic Success Center provides free tutoring and learning services for all BC students. Tutoring is available on a wide-variety of subjects.

Last Updated May 14, 2022