College Life

Running Start students are “regular” college students with the same privileges and responsibilities of any other college student. Studies show that students do better academically if they participate and are engaged in class. The Academic Success Center (Building D 204) has drop in tutoring available. Want someone to review your paper and offer suggestions before you turn it in? Who can pass that offer up? Check out the Academic Success Center Website.

Unlike high school, there is rarely a chance to “redo” work for a better grade so study hard and turn in assignments on time. The quarter goes by fast and you may only have 2-3 exams. Keep in mind the grades and credits earned through Running Start at Bellevue College are part of your permanent college and high school transcript. If students wish to apply to another college, they must submit their official transcript from Bellevue College to the colleges they are applying to.

The most successful Running Start students are those that take ownership for their own education, stay informed (meaning they check their Bellevue College email account often) and follow the information given by our office. If the high school’s give you conflicting information – be sure to follow our instructions regarding the Running Start procedures.

We wish you best of luck and hope you enjoy your time here at Bellevue College!

Last Updated March 10, 2014