Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for the CEO Program or for the Language Integration Program (LIP).

For more information, contact our office at

For CEO classes or the Language Integration Program (LIP), please visit our main website to complete the following: 

  1. Submit the CEO Declaration of Intent online form: This lets us know you want to join the CEO Program
  2. Submit a Bellevue College application:  
    • This is needed to create a student ID number
    • Please ONLY put in the student’s legal name and student’s information in the application  
    • Be sure to ONLY select the following to start the application:  
      • College: Bellevue College  
      • I will be enrolling as a: First Year  
      • Program: Academic  
      • Term: Selecting the quarter you wish to join  
      • Degree or Certificate I am seeking: Academic/Associate Transfer  
      • Leave the “Academic Focus Area” blank 

If you wish to join an information session, then please:  

Yes, we have the Language Integration Program (LIP) which is a program specifically designed for English language learners between 16-21 years old. Our teachers have put together a curriculum that allows students to learn and progress at their own pace. Since LIP is part of the CEO program, there is no cost associated with our classes. We also fund school supplies, bus cards, and textbooks. You can find more information by going directly to

We offer levels 0 (beginners) to 6 (advanced). Our goal is to help our students reach college-level English so they can continue with us to pursue their academic goals such as receiving:   

  • GED   
  • College Certificate  
  • High School Diploma 
  • Associate Degree  

What is the process to enroll for Language Integration Program (LIP)?  

Check out the LIP website to schedule an appointment with our LIP entrance advisor:

Please contact our main inbox at and we will get back to you. 

Students must be 16 years old by September 1st to join the CEO Program during the current academic year as per WAC: This applies to students coming in directly for CEO classes, LIP classes, CEO high school completion or the CEO GED prep classes. If students turn 16 in the middle of the academic year, in January for example, they must wait until the next academic year to be eligible. For the CEO program, the academic year starts in September. If a student wishes to come in for the CEO GED prep class for the summer quarter, they must be 16 by September 1st of the previous year. Please email your questions or concerns to 

Students are eligible to stay in the CEO Program until they age out at 21 years old, complete a high school diploma, and/or complete an associate degree (whichever comes first). If students get their high school diploma outside of the CEO Program, you must inform our office immediately. If students turn 21 years old in the middle of the academic year and have not yet graduated, they are eligible to stay until the end of that academic year where the student will age out of the CEO Program at the end of June.  

For all situations, students must live in a school district we serve, discontinue their previous/current schooling to participate in the CEO Program, and not have a high school diploma. Please see the list of districts here on our eligibility page:   


Students who are homeschooled are welcome to join, but just like students who come from a public or private school, they must discontinue their schooling. Students cannot be dually enrolled in the CEO Program.  

Students coming in from another state must live within the school districts we serve. For all students coming into the CEO Program, you will discontinue your current/previous schooling and complete the Variance Attendance Release form to be released from the school district you live in to participate in the CEO Program.  

Students coming in from another country must live within the school districts we serve. The CEO Program can accept refugees and some visas. However, students are not eligible to join the CEO Program if they have an F-1, J-1, B-2, or M-1 visa.  Students with these visas, please check out the International Education office:

Yes! Students with a GED Certificate are welcome to join the CEO Program. However, students with a GED Certificate will be ineligible to join the CEO King County Program. Our staff can still try our best to direct you to resources if you are in need. Students are also able to get their GED Certificate in the CEO Program and still continue additional academic goals or pathways in the CEO Program.  

Students who are in need or who may need assistance to get “back on their feet” have an opportunity to connect with the King County Program for CEO students. This is a program where a case manager from King County can provide additional support while CEO students are attending Bellevue College. Our office does not have a definition for what it means to be in need but aims to help students who are experiencing ongoing difficult situations. Students are provided the opportunity to join during their CEO Entrance Advising appointment, which is where students register with CEO staff to start their first term.  

Yes, but please connect with CEO staff before leaving. Our office needs to see if we are able to withdraw, which is determined by the college’s withdrawal deadlines, and exit you from the CEO Program. Students and their families will need to reach out to the designated school/district to return to their previous schooling.   

Students new to the CEO Program must work with our entrance team to register. If you are currently in CEO 100, 101, and 105 then please connect with your teacher to register for the next term. CEO LIP students will work with their teachers to register for the next term.  

Students who are ready to take CEO 102 will be assigned a CEO Specialist. Your CEO Specialist will help you register.  

Continuing CEO students must connect with their CEO Specialist to have their schedule approved.  

When students are assigned a CEO Specialist, that person will reach out to you to introduce themselves. If you do not remember who they were, please use your Bellevue College email to contact our office at to ask.  


When students pass their introductory courses, they will prepare for CEO 102 where they will be assigned a CEO Specialist. If students do not respond and start CEO 102, they will need to reach out to their assigned CEO Specialist to discuss and request placement testing.  

Students in LIP classes or students in CEO 100, 101, and 105 will reach out to their teacher for guidance.   


Once students are assigned to a CEO Specialist, that is the person to reach out to for required monthly engagement time, general academic planning and advising, figuring out how to get textbooks, and they can help connect you with Bellevue College resources.  

Students who are 18 years old and younger ride for free! Find more information about this and sign up for a free youth card here:  


Students who are 19, 20, and 21 years old (while they are still in the CEO Program) can visit their CEO Specialist or visit our front desk in U building 2nd floor at the Center for High School Programs front desk to request an orca card covered by the CEO Program. 

  1. CEO students must fill out the following online form with their CEO Specialist, CEO teacher, or LIP teacher:   
  1. After submitting the online form, meet with your CEO Specialist, LIP teacher, or CEO teacher to receive a bus voucher.  
  1. When your online form is processed, the college’s Student Financial Services will contact you to come in. When you come in, please turn in your voucher to the Student Financial Services front desk, located in the U building on the 1st floor. Their office will have you sign an agreement and give you the student the orca card.  

Students will need to complete a placement test at Bellevue College to see which level of English and math they can start.  After completing the CEO Program’s paperwork, students joining the CEO Program will be required to take two CEO entrance tests that must be completed within 30 days of starting classes in order to be in the program. The typical tests given for this do not give placement but instead, ensure students are eligible to stay in the program and in their classes.  

After entrance testing is completed, our office reaches out to have students take the college’s placement tests while they take on our introductory CEO courses. Our goal is to have student’s complete placement, so they are ready to take English and math in their second term of CEO classes.  

The college’s placement tests determine which level the student can start taking math and/or English courses to reach college-level courses. College-level courses are 100-level classes. Placement is only given through the college’s Testing Center, but CEO students are required to check in with our office to set that up. Students cannot start English or math until placement is completed. Students may start in the introductory math level but must take the placement test to see if they can be cleared to start at a higher level.  

The CEO Program does not require any specific placement score or level, but we want to ensure the student and their CEO Specialist knows where the student will be starting. Each student is on their own pathway and may need more or less time. We are here to encourage students to start English and math, at a level that meets their needs.  

Below is a quick overview of the required CEO class sequence and estimated timeline for starting English and math:  

  1. Students must pass and complete CEO 100, 101, and 105 classes
  2. Students take CEO 102, aim to take English, and a potential third class if the student is interested and if the student has available credits. Students can potentially start math this term.  
    • At the start of this term, students are assigned a CEO Specialist for their entire duration in the CEO Program 
    • Some English classes may take up the remaining available credit that students are allowed.   
  3. Students take CEO 103, CEO 104, and up to 10 more credits. 
    • Students may need to take another English class depending on which level they started  
  4. After completing all CEO classes, students are still in the CEO Program until they choose to leave until they graduate, or until they age out (whichever comes first)  
    • Again, students may need to take another English class depending on at which level they started    
    • Students can also try to start math this term  

Please know that CEO students can only take a maximum of 15 credits in the fall, winter, and spring quarters. Some exceptions to exceed 15 credits may be possible, but students must check in with their CEO Specialist.  

Determining how long a degree, diploma, or certificate can take is a question our office cannot firmly answer because each student is on their own journey. Additionally, there are so many variables that can impact the student’s timeline, including but not limited to the following:  

  • Each student places differently in English and Math classes. Some students may need more time to reach college-level English, and that is completely okay.   
  • Some students need to take on more classes for their goals. An example, a student going into a STEM field may need more math classes to best prepare for their future goals and this can extend the student’s timeline.     
  • Needing to repeat a class can extend the anticipated timeline for students’ goals    
  • Some students need specific classes for their long-term academic goals that could lead them to stay longer than the bare minimum    
  • Sometimes students are not ready to take on a full-time college credit load 
  • Some students can be overwhelmed with 15 credits or may not feel ready   
  • Some students work part-time or even full-time, which impacts the time they can dedicate to classes  
  • If CEO students fall under academic probation, students may need to reduce their credits or sit out a quarter or take a Reengage class, a program policy   
  • If students receive three strikes for missed engagement time, they need to sit out a quarter or take a “Reengagement class”. This is a program policy.  

Students can choose to pursue a high school diploma from our:  

  1. CEO youth high school completion pathway 
    • Visit the main webpage for this pathway 
    • Visit the CEO youth high school completion FAQ page
    • The CEO Program can only evaluate U.S. public or private school transcripts  
    • Upon request, transcripts will be evaluated to determine what is needed to meet Washington State graduation requirements  
    • A meeting is set up and an estimated timeline is built  
    • Students take college courses to complete Washington State graduation requirements  
    • When all requirements are met, a designated staff assists the student to apply for an official high school diploma from Bellevue College 
  2. Associate degree pathway  
    • Students who are at least 16 years old and complete all requirements for an associate degree from a Washington state technical college or Washington state community college can apply for that associate degree along with a Washington State high school diploma, even if students do not meet graduation requirements for a high school diploma:  

CEO students need to connect with their assigned CEO Specialist to work on an educational plan.  

Students must report to the CEO Program if they are moving! We must verify if you are within the same school district or will be living in a new school district. If students live in a new school district, we must:  

  • Verify it’s a school district we serve    
  • Get an updated Variance Attendance Release form. If students move and need a new variance form, they cannot be legally funded in the CEO Program until the new variance form is completed and filed by our office.  

For students who have stepped away for more than 1 quarter, you will need to contact our office for re-entry steps. We reach out to evaluate your eligibility and update any needed paperwork. Please reach out to to let us know you wish to re-enter.  

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