English and Math placement

Processing Update September 18, 8:00 pm: We are currently workiing on English and math placement requests submitted on September 9.

For requests submitted after September 9, we are unable to complete this process by the start of the quarter. We apologize for the delay. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and mandated staff furloughs, the office is currently experiencing a critical backlog in all areas of work. Please be patient as we work as quickly as we can to meet your service needs.

To improve our email response time, please note the following:

  • Send your request for English and math placement to testing@bellevuecollege.edu
  • Always include your Bellevue College student ID number
  • Use your BC email address
  • State what it is you want the office to do with documents you may attach. For example, “Need math and English placement”
  • If you use documentation for the placement process, you must attach your documentation to your email request. Requests submitted without documentation are processed for a placement test.

You can obtain your English and math placement in a variety of ways as indicated below.


Transfer ALEKS & ACCUPLACER test scores from other colleges or universities: Two-year time limit for English. One-year for math.

Unofficial College Transcripts

Use your BC email to submit an unofficial copy of your college transcript showing the English/math you previously completed. Be sure to Include your BC student ID number and attach your transcript.



We accept the placement made at any other state community or technical college: Two -year time limit for English, one-year for math

Until further notice, we cannot provide on-campus testing. We are working to increase the opportunities to test online. Please email the office at testing@bellevuecollege.edu to ask a question about your specific situation. Be sure to include your student ID number in your email.

  • ACCUPLACER for English (offered online now – by request)
  • ALEKS for math  (offered online now – by request)
  • Chemistry 161 placement exam (temporarily unavailable –  for access to CHEM& 161, please email)
  • Biology 160 waiver exam (temporarily unavailable)

The following tests can be used for English 101 placement:

  • SAT or ACT if taken within the last five years
  • PSAT if taken within the last two years
  • GED Language Arts if taken within the last five years
  • TOEFL and IELTS reports if taken within the last two years

Last Updated September 19, 2020