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Drop-In ctcLink Self-Paced Training Sessions

Drop-In ctcLink Self-Paced Training Check-In Sessions  Do you have a question or want to find out more about specific Phase 1 SBCTC self-paced training? Review the dates and times below and save the corresponding meeting link to your Outlook calendar. Employees who have completed ctcLink self-paced training courses are welcome to drop-in for these sessions by clicking on the meeting ...more about Drop-In ctcLink Self-Paced Training Sessions

Faculty ctcLink Training

Hello BC Faculty, Training for ctcLink is now available, and we are excited to share our plans for how we will prepare faculty for the transition. As you may be aware, BC is part of a state-wide initiative to change the community and technical college system’s data management software, and this change is scheduled to ...more about Faculty ctcLink Training

ctcLink Data Validation Orientation

Hello ctcLink Data Validators, (managers are cc’d) Thanks again to the 100+ people who joined our orientation! You asked great questions and I hope you now have a better sense of what to expect as we enter this first cycle of validation. I know it is overwhelming, so if you ever feel stuck, please know ...more about ctcLink Data Validation Orientation

Self-Paced ctcLink Training

Bellevue College (BC) Staff: Complete Your Self-Paced ctcLink Training Courses   *Note, information on faculty training and deadlines will be sent separately. To prepare BC staff for ctcLink, training is being offered in three phases. These training phases are detailed below: Phase 1 This phase involves high-level, self-paced, introductory courses designed to give you an overview of the ...more about Self-Paced ctcLink Training

ctcLink Training for Managers & Supervisors

January 15, 2021 ctcLink Training for  all  Managers and Supervisors   Managers and Supervisors are critical to the success of ctcLink implementation at Bellevue College. In this training we will discuss the role and responsibility of managers and supervisors to ensure that ctcLink is launched successfully at our campus.  Managers and Supervisors will be provided details on what will be changing as a result of ctcLink at the College. We will also provide change ...more about ctcLink Training for Managers & Supervisors

Update: ctcLink Implementation

October 2020 Dear Campus Community, Our transition to ctcLink is well underway! Since our last report in June 2020, more than 170 BC staff members have created and validated 258 business process maps. These maps document how people and technology interact today so BC staff and faculty can translate our workflows to ctcLink and create ...more about Update: ctcLink Implementation

Opening Day Presentation

You van view the ctcLink Opening Day presentation Here. Presentation Slide Deck