Previous Daily Updates

Vol. 5 – Wednesday, Nov. 10

What's Happening? Nearly 500 staff have activated their ctcLink accounts. Thank you! If you are a student employee, hourly employee, or classified or exempt staff and haven’t already activated your account, please refer to the email sent yesterday for instructions. If you forgot your ctcLink ID number, here is where to find it.    On Friday, Nov. 12, faculty will receive an email with ...more about Vol. 5 – Wednesday, Nov. 10

Vol. 4 – Tuesday, Nov. 9

What's happening? BC staff were invited to activate their accounts today as the first phase of our staggered approach to the ctcLink transition.  On Friday, Nov. 12, faculty will receive an email with instructions for activating account, login information, and where to find support if needed. Students will gain access on Wednesday, Nov. 17. In case you missed it: Those who activated accounts in test environments prior ...more about Vol. 4 – Tuesday, Nov. 9

Vol. 2 – Monday, Nov. 8

What's happening? We have launched ctcLink successfully. This is a major step for Bellevue College and the beginning of a process that will be filled with learning and mastering this new system.  Our next step begins on Tuesday when staff gains access to ctcLink. As you are aware, we’ve developed a staggered approach for activating ctcLink user accounts. This ...more about Vol. 2 – Monday, Nov. 8

Vol. 1 – Thursday Nov. 4

Just Four Days Before ctcLink Goes Live! Welcome to the Daily Update! As we begin our transition into ctcLink, you’ll receive a daily update to keep you informed of our progress and provide you with support to work in the new system. If you haven’t done so already, check out the ctcLink website. There’s a lot of ...more about Vol. 1 – Thursday Nov. 4

Vol. 1.5 – Thursday, Nov. 4

Reminder: Be sure to log out of the HP by 3 p.m. The HP, our legacy system that contains data for students, staff, and faculty, will be turned off completely at 3 p.m. Data that existed in the HP will migrate to ctcLink.Be sure to download any information you need prior to 3 p.m. and log out ...more about Vol. 1.5 – Thursday, Nov. 4