U.S. Military Service Withdrawal and Refund

In accordance with state law, Bellevue College may provide a full refund of tuition and class-related fees for students who experience a medical situation that prevents them from successfully completing the quarter, or for military service or deployment that lasts more than 30 days.

A military service member smiles in conversation.

General Information

For military service or deployment that lasts 30 calendar days or less, please contact the Veterans Affairs Office at (425) 564-2220 for information about other accommodations provided by the college.

Conditions and Information

  • Service members must be absent from school and in military service for a period of time that exceeds 30 calendar days.
  • Service members may elect to withdraw from one or more courses.
  • The college requires student service members to provide a copy of their orders using the appeal process.
  • An official grade of “W” appears on the transcript – no exceptions.
  • Service members receiving financial aid or participating in special aid or support programs should check with those programs to avoid eligibility issues or repayment requirements.
  • Contact the Veterans Affairs office at (425) 564-2220 for additional guidance and information.

For detailed information about U.S. Military Service withdrawal and refunds, please refer to college procedure #2450P Official Withdrawal from a Course.