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Students attend class at BC.


Today’s world is increasingly more competitive and challenging. Housing costs continue to rise, graduates are left with looming debt and employment in a student’s field of study right out of college can be hard to come by. Through your generosity, BC students become the most sought-after graduates in our region and their employers remain motivated to invest even more into their future, in our region and in BC programs.

Your investment supporting access to quality education ensures that BC can continue to provide students the resources to accomplish their lifelong professional goals and join the workforce upon graduation. Learn more about how these three BC alumni have done just that.

What Our Alumni Say

“It is incredibly important that programs like the ones BC offers exist. I don’t know anyone I graduated BC with who didn’t get a job right away. BC as an organization helps fill the workforce in this region with capable individuals with marketable skills.”

Katie Chang

More Student Stories

Meet other BC students and alumni, and learn how BC helped them on their path to fulfilling their goals.

Ways to Give

There are many ways you can support Bellevue College students like these. Find out whether a one-time donation, something tangible, or even a legacy gift is right for you and your circumstances and goals.

Last Updated October 5, 2023