Description of Fees

Learn about fees at Bellevue College.

BC nursing students practice on a dummy in the lab.

Types of Fees

The college charges a $66 application fee for students taking credit classes.

  • Students pay the fee at the time they pay their first quarter’s tuition.
  • Once paid, the fee is non-refundable.
  • The fee covers math and English placement decisions and supports admission processes.
  • Students who apply, but do not enroll do not pay the fee

This is a student voted fee of $1.70 per credit ($17 maximum per quarter).

  • This fee covers:
    • The college parking garage debt, and
    • Subsidizes student bus passes.

This is a student voted fee of $1.50 per credit ($15 maximum per quarter.

  • The college uses the fee to cover a variety of services, which includes:
    • Public Safety,
    • Transportation Management,
    • Unofficial transcripts,
    • Creation of the college catalog.

Some courses require fees for lab use, licensing, software, etc. Students find these fees listed on the class they plan to take using the ctcLink class search function. Tuition and fee waivers generally do not apply to course fees.

This fee is $10.50 per credit (Maximum of $105 per quarter) for online classes. The fee pays for:

  • Services and support for online learning and training, and
  • Infrastructure and software licensing.

This is a student voted fee of $1.00 per credit ($10 maximum per quarter) to fund positive social and environmental change on campus and to support other sustainability related goals.

The technology fee is a student-voted fee of $3.50 per credit for 1-10 credits, and $3.50 per credit beyond 18 credits. This fee covers:

  • Student access to college-managed email and internet, and
  • Select software packages used to support a quality academic learning environment.

Amounts vary and depend on the specific digital materials.