Bridge Pathway Program – General Program Information

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Bridge Pathway Program is a quarter-long college preparation program that emphasizes developing college-level writing skills, critical thinking, and taking personal responsibility for learning. There are two paths based on the student’s writing assessment.

There are two paths based on the student’s writing assessment:
Path 1 (15-credits):

  • Combination of Academic Preparation (AP) (10 credits) and a English 093 (5 credits)
  • A recommendation from the Integrated Skills 5 instructor or placement result of the Writeplacer exam

Path 2 (18-credits):

  • Combination of a Academic Preparation (AP) (10 credits), a English 093 (5 credits), and an English supplemental course ELIUP 096 (3 credits)

Disclaimer: Due to short instructional weeks in summer quarter, all students follow Path 1.

  1. An online international student application form, including the signature document. Apply through our International Student Portal. If you are a new applicant, please see the bottom of the International Student Portal page and click new user. Make sure to save the email and password you use.
  2. A non-refundable $50 application fee paid online.   
  3. A copy of the passport photo page, including expiration date.   
  4. A bank statement dated no earlier than 6 months before application, with a minimum balance of $28,762 USD.   
    • Students must complete the online Financial Responsibility Form found within the International Student Portal application.   
  5. Transcripts from the current and/or previous schools translated to English: A transcript shows classes taken and grades received issued by the school 
  6. Valid proof of English language proficiency.
  7. Click “Submit Application” at the top of the application page. This is the last step and must be completed for us to review your application.

Students must submit all general requirements and will be required to submit additional documents if they are underage (16 and 17) Students: Completed and signed Power-of-Attorney (POA) and Attorney-in-Fact (AIF) forms.

Students must submit all general requirements and will be required to submit additional documents including a copy of each F-2 dependent’s passport photo page, including expiration date and adding an additional $5,000 USD per dependent to the bank statement.

Acceptance packets can be sent via email at no cost or mailed to an international address for the cost of shipping. Students must cover the express mail fee through eShipGlobal and upload the air bill with a full mailing address to their online application within the International Student Portal.

Student must meet one of the following:

  • 58 (iBT) or 493 (PBT)
  • More information about TOEFL

  • Overall score of 5.5 with all sub-scores above 5.0 or higher
  • More information about Academic IELTS

  • Intensive Level 109 at ELS Language Centers
  • High Intermediate level at Kaplan
  • ALPS SIRWS 5 with a grade of 75% or higher AND a minimum score of 69 on the CaMLA EPT exit exam at ALPS Language School
  • Completion of the first-half of International House San Diego’s (IHSD) American Language Benchmark 7, equivalent to IELTS overall score of 5.0
  • Highest level at an intensive English school (must submit a verification letter from the school official and considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Successful completion of Level 5 at California Language Academy
  • Successful completion of Level B2-3 at EF International Language Schools
  • Successful completion of the “Mid-intermediate” level at International House San Diego

Last Updated July 18, 2024