Ally-Content Accessibility Checker

What is Ally?

Ally focuses on making digital course content more accessible. Ally is a tool that integrates into Canvas and works to support content creators ensure that the materials they are creating and using are accessible.

Download a one page guide on using Ally

Ally Features

  • When uploading content, Ally will scan the file and produce an accessibility score. This score is symbolized by a little gauge next to the document/image (on the Canvas page, the modules list, and in the Files list). The gauge will be red, yellow, or green depending on the score.
  • The score and the color gauge is visible only to Instructors.
  • When you click on the gauge explanation of the problem and guidance on fixing the problem appears.
  • When you add a file to Canvas, Ally will produce alternative formats. To view/access those formats, you click on the little editing wheel.
  • Currently, these are the available formats:
    • Tagged PDF version
    • HTML version
    • ePub version
    • Electronic braille version
    • Audio
  • Students will see a drop-down selection of various accessible formats.
  • Ally allows Canvas administrators to run institutional reports to monitor institution-wide accessibility improvement over time.

Ally Video Tutorials

Last Updated February 8, 2023