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Interactive eLearning Department

We support student academic success through faculty instructional design consultations based on evidence-based course standards, learning management system administration, creative application of technology, engaging and immersive online experiences, digital equipment management, and student and faculty training. View the Instructional Designer’s schedules for the faculty live Zoom support.

Interactive eLearning Staff

Sukirti Ranade Picture

Sukirti Ranade

Director, Interactive eLearning


Sukirti Ranade has been a lead in the academic area, as an Educational Technologist, Systems Administrator and now directing the Interactive eLearning vision at Bellevue College. Holding a bachelors degree in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration in Informational Technology Systems, Sukirti has a long history of related work to build upon. In her ...more about Sukirti Ranade

Elizabeth Zahrt Geib Picture

Elizabeth Zahrt Geib

Associate Director of Instructional Design, Economics Instructor


I am a certificated Instructional Designer with a passion for combining design and pedagogy to support equitable and accessible student learning in online and web-enhanced courses. I support faculty with Canvas issues, course builds, accessibility and UDL questions, enhanced page design, Cidi Labs, and ed tech tools. I thoroughly enjoy the creative and collaborative process ...more about Elizabeth Zahrt Geib

Ron Austin Picture

Ron Austin

Digital Learning Manager


I work with Interactive eLearning and I manage the XR Lab with Drew Stone and Bruce Wolcott. My current emphasis with the XR Lab is to help establish the NWXR EDU Network which is a project  supported by The National Science Foundation (2023-2026). I also facilitate online training workshops for faculty, assist with online course ...more about Ron Austin

Heather Rane Picture

Heather Rane

Digital Learning Coordinator


I joined the Interactive eLearning team in the Fall of 2017, with my passion for developing long-term relationships and connections with people by blending process improvement, project management, leadership, problem-solving, instructional design, content delivery, andragogy, website management, program development, training, assisting others with professional development, and mentoring success across multiple online platforms using communications, innovative ...more about Heather Rane

Larry Boykin Picture

Larry Boykin

Multimedia Technician Senior


Larry started working at Bellevue College in the Library Media Center in 1983 as a work study student assisting with the audio-visual delivery. In 1987, Larry was hired part-time working off-site at the Bellevue College Continuing Education location. In 1989, Larry started working full-time with the Media Center, first as the Media Dispatcher to now Media Technician Lead. In over ...more about Larry Boykin

George Rowe Picture

George Rowe

Instructional Designer/Faculty A&H Division


I started at Bellevue College, as an adjunct faculty instructor (English Language Institute and the English Department) in fall 2018, and joined the Interactive eLearning team the next quarter. My interest in instructional design was borne out of my experience as an avid online learner pursuing professional development, my background in teaching, training and academic ...more about George Rowe

Raji Sundar Picture

Raji Sundar

Instructional Designer/Faculty Science Division


I have been an educator at Bellevue College for more than a decade. As I am eager to contribute more to the field of education, I stepped into the field of instructional design. I am confident of my abilities to design instruction with the knowledge gained from graduating with a master's degree in Learning Design ...more about Raji Sundar

Keith Rowley Picture

Keith Rowley

Instructional Technologist/Faculty | School of Bus & Tech


I am a self-professed “software geek.” That is, I love to learn my way around new software, both online web-based apps, and locally-installed, usually more-robust desktop applications. I have been teaching Business Technology and Information Technology classes in the IBIT division of Bellevue College in Washington state since 2007, having moved to Washington from Texas, ...more about Keith Rowley

Bruce Wolcott Picture

Bruce Wolcott

Instructional Designer/Faculty A&H Division


I’ve been a faculty member at Bellevue College since 1998, and have had the good fortune of teaching media theory topics that strongly interest me; History of Animation, Video game Theory, Writing for the Web, Visual Storytelling and Canvas 101. Before coming to Bellevue College I was a media production coordinator for the Pacific Science ...more about Bruce Wolcott

Deborah Leblang Picture

Deborah Leblang

Instructional Designer/Faculty A&H Division


Deborah Leblang joined the Instructional design team with thirteen years of interdisciplinary collegiate teaching experience.  She has two master's degrees from Columbia University: Master of Arts in Art History and Archaeology as well as Master of Science in Architectural History and Conservation. Her research is currently on women in arts education. Deborah teaches in both ...more about Deborah Leblang

Morgan Olson Picture

Morgan Olson

OETA Project Coordinator / Instructional Designer / Tombolo Institute Faculty


I have had the privilege of being a part of Bellevue College since 2003, initially as an instructor for Continuing Education, which has now evolved into the Tombolo Institute. My journey began by teaching 3D animation using Maya, but over time, I have expanded my role to encompass a diverse array of courses within the ...more about Morgan Olson

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Amilee Roberge

Instructional Designer/Faculty A&H Division

Brian Saborboro Picture

Brian Saborboro

Accessibility Tester/Project Assistant


For 18 years Brian has been creating art inspired by the TV shows he used to watch as a child. Spending hours of the day sketching his favorite characters from the Dragonball Z anime. Eventually, Brian lost his sight, turning art from a pastime into a means of coping with his disability and the stresses ...more about Brian Saborboro

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Interactive eLearning

Interactive eLearning Team