Zoom Meetings

Use SSO with Zoom

To use your Bellevue College Zoom account provide your “Single Sign-On” (SSO) credentials. Single Sign-on is the authentication scheme the college uses to improve your experience and provide security.

Steps to receive your Bellevue College Zoom licensed account below.

Sign-on with SSO

This is a one-minute video that shows how to sign on with SSO. Step-by-step directions are included below.


Get your BC Zoom licensed account.

To get your BC Zoom licensed account you must create a Technology Service Desk ticket. Reference their Knowledge Base titled: Request a Bellevue College Zoom License by logging into the Technology Service Desk using your Bellevue College SSO & MFA.

Get your Zoom>Panopto>Canvas access.

To get access to move your Zoom Meeting to Panopto, for captioning and access in Canvas request to be added to the Zoom Users Group in Panopto.

Here is the Technology Service Desk webpage: Client Portal ITS Service Desk (teamdynamix.com). Be sure to sign in using your Bellevue College credentials to see all the Service Catalog Menu options. Select Accounts & Permissions, then select Request a Zoom Account or Assistance with Zoom

Access Zoom:

To access your Zoom.us account once activated:

  1. Select “Sign In”.
  2. Choose SSO (with the key image).
  3. Type in our domain bellevuecollege. This is one word – no spaces.
  4. Then supply your Bellevue College credentials to log in.

Students: Zoom Information

  • Student Zoom Guide
  • If students are attending a Zoom meeting as a participant then they will need to log in here: https://zoom.us/web/sso/login?en=signin
  • When it asks for the company domain, type in bellevuecollege
  • After students have signed in to Zoom using the SSO option then Zoom will recognize them as a Bellevue College student.
  • Also remember that if students wish to meet with classmates or other students, they may use Microsoft Teams. which has free access for all users with a Bellevue College email. Teams training is offered by Information Technology Services

Last Updated September 25, 2023