Zoom Meetings

Using SSO with Zoom

To help ensure that all Bellevue College Zoom users are able to hold safe, secure, private meetings and class sessions, the college uses “Single Sign-On” (SSO). All BC Zoom users should use this method to sign into their College Zoom account.

SSO with Your Zoom Account

This is a one minute video that shows how to sign on with SSO. Step by step directions are included below.

Quick Instructions

  1. All faculty should have a college Zoom account. If you are unsure if you have an account then please Request a Zoom account with the ITS TDX system .
  2. After you have your account then navigate your browser to Zoom.US
  3. Select “Sign In”.
  4. Choose SSO (with the key image).
  5. Our domain is bellevuecollege. This is one word – no spaces.

Students: Zoom Information

  • If students are attending a Zoom meeting as a participant then they will need to login here: https://zoom.us/web/sso/login?en=signin
  • When it asks for the company domain, type in: bellevuecollege
  • After students have signed in to Zoom using the SSO option then Zoom will recognize them as a Bellevue College student.
  • Also remember that if students wish to meet with classmates, or other students, they may use Microsoft Teams. which has free access for all users with a Bellevue College email. Teams training is offered by Information Technology Services

Last Updated July 2, 2021