The Canvas Getting Started Module

Image of the Getting Started module in Canvas
Why use a Getting Started Module?

Simple: to help students engage with a course.

The Getting Started Module is an entry point for students in the course–whether hybrid or online. BC Connect has developed a Getting Started Module template for Canvas courses. This template contains placeholders for course-specific information that you, the instructor, can easily change and modify to include your information. What the Getting Started Module does is encourage students to work in your course and discover the content that is necessary for success. Think of it as a way to introduce the course syllabus, assignment and reading guidelines, instructor information, and other information vital to your course in a regular manner that students will easily receive because of the repetition of information and order of the content.

Download the Module and add it to a Canvas course

  1. Check out the Canvas Public Course where this module is published.
  2. Download the Getting Started Module
  3. Log in to the Canvas course you wish to add the Getting Started Module.
  4. Go to Settings and select Import Content Into this Course
  5. Select the Getting Started Module from the downloads folder on your computer
  6. Upload the .imscc file
  7. Adjust the content of the pages and the syllabus to be specific to your course.

Download the Module from Canvas Commons.

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Find Canvas Commons on the left navigation
  3. Search for Getting Started Public Course
  4. Download the module in your Sandbox or any other Canvas Course.

Check out the Canvas Public Course where this module is published.

Last Updated October 21, 2020