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Interactive eLearning provides full-service course design services for faculty, departments, and divisions at Bellevue College.

We can help you

  • create reusable Canvas templates
  • edit your videos
  • add quizzes to your videos
  • design content using Cidi Labs
  • adjust assignments for AI
  • 1-on-1 consultations
  • map your course outcomes, module objectives, and assessments
  • determine ed tech possibilities
  • integrate XR into your course
  • organize your modules to benefit students
  • increase the universal design of your course
  • add/create H5P interactions
  • create OER materials

Full-service options

Full service option image with sticky notes on the wall.
  • create short videos for a specific project
  • build custom student engagement activities for Canvas
  • design a whole course
  • create job aids
  • research AI for specific uses
  • create and facilitate dedicated training to your group

While each instructional design project is unique, all instructional design projects move through the same process. This process is designed to be a collaborative effort between the subject matter expert (SME) and the instructional design (ID) team.

  • Fill out the intake form.
  • Hear back from your division’s ID.
  • Schedule a live meeting to go over the details.
  • Receive a Project Brief so you know what to expect and when to expect it.
  • Your project is delivered, and you let us know how we did. 

Learn more about the design process or click to get started.

  • Occupational and Life Skills Program: session templates, group training, and outcome building
  • FACT assessment process: training module
  • Astronomy courses: transferred and designed astronomy labs with Javascript from the Science server to Canvas
  • First Year Seminar: modules and assignments, alternative grading consult, ongoing updates
  • Interior Design Program: 3D world building to test student designs
  • Pathways: training modules
  • Tombolo Institute: translation course redesign and consultation

Meet the Instructional Design Team

While we always work as a team, each division has a dedicated Instructional Designer who will act as the design lead on projects that come from that division.

Dedicated Instructional Designers

George Rowe and child

George Rowe
Arts and Humanities

Raji Sundar

Raji Sundar

Ron Austin

Ron Austin
School of Business Technology


Betsy Zahrt Geib
Social Sciences

Our team also includes

  • Deborah Leblang: eLearning online live support
  • Morgan Olson: Special project coordination
  • Heather Rane: Faculty Canvas and tools support
  • Sukirti Ranade: eLearning direction
  • Amilee Roberge: eLearning online live support
  • Keith Rowley: eLearning online live support
  • Bruce Wolcott: XR lab faculty lead and eLearning online live support

We collaborate with the Health Sciences, Education and Wellness Institute Designers

  • Jackie Hubbard: Instruction design specialist
  • Lauren Psomostithis: Instructional designer

Contact Information and Live Support

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Live support

eLearning hosts live support hours M-F from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Check the live support page for the current schedule as we follow the college’s academic calendar.

Last Updated April 1, 2024