Copyright Information for Educators

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Participant: Faculty or Staff

Facilitator: Bellevue College Faculty Librarian

PD Hours: On completion participants receive 18 hrs of professional development time.

Copyright Information for Educators

Greetings and welcome to the Copyright Information for Educators course made available to you through Interactive eLearning and the LMC!

Upon successful completion of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Define key terms of copyright including fair use, TEACH ACT, and public domain
  • Describe how copyright law applies in educational course design
  • Understand and use Creative Commons (CC) and other licensing options to identify content that is suitable for your courses
  • Develop and maintain a copyright compliance and management plan
  • Locate and use public domain, CC, and Open Educational Resource (OER) content

This course is organized into the following sections:

  1. Introduction: Includes information about this course, a pre-assessment quiz, and infringement confessions with copyright bear discussion board.
  2. Copyright law in education: This section of the course provides the most in-depth information on copyright law and how it directly impacts face-to-face, hybrid, and online education.
  3. Creative Commons: Copyright law has come a long way and Creative Commons is an offshoot of copyright law that places the decisions for use into the hands of the creator. This is exciting news for higher education because it makes a lot of content rapidly accessible for use in online education.
  4. Compliance & Management: Copyright is a complex and sticky subject, but how do we make it work for us as educators? This section will give you a lot of hands-on strategies you can use to be compliant with copyright and create a solid workflow for your content.
  5. Resources: Here you will find additional places to learn more about copyright, Bellevue College’s policies on copyright and fair use, and critical support resources for you.

Quizzes are included throughout the Copyright Information for Educators course.

Workshop is self-paced and guided by facilitator – workshop can be completed with minimal assistance.

Facilitator: Faculty Librarian

Sessions are sponsored by the Interactive eLearning Department.

Last Updated June 11, 2024