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What You Need to Know


New Quizzes is a Canvas feature which includes a series of enhancements, changes, and new item types. You will notice new workflow styles to what is commonly encountered in Classic Quizzes.

  • New Quizzes have been enabled for all users on April 18, 2023.
  • Faculty will have 2 choices when creating a new quiz: New or Classic.
  • Faculty have the option to continue using Classic Quizzes June 2024.

Training Schedule

Join us for the New Quizzes training webinars on Friday afternoon at 2pm during Faculty Live Support.

What is New Quizzes? 

New Quizzes Guide from Instructure  |  New Quizzes FAQs

New Quizzes Overview Video (Faculty) | New Quizzes Overview (Students)

Canvas Guides

Important Notes:


  • New Quizzes uses a different rich content editor than the rest of Canvas.
  • There is no HTML editor available. 
  • MathQuill is the default equation editor, though LaTex is still supported. 
  • To link to the course file in a quiz question, copy/paste the file URL into the text editor. 
  • Questions from item banks must be edited in the item bank.

Question Creation

  • There is no partial credit without penalty. 
  • Stimulus questions cannot be used in item banks because the association between the stimulus and attached questions is lost.
  • Automatic response feedback must be added to assessment questions before students start a quiz.

Question Types

New Quizzes includes several question types not available in Classic Quizzes: Hot Spot, Categorization, Ordering, and Stimulus Content. 

Each quiz can include a mix of automatically and manually graded questions.

Considerations Before Using New Quizzes

The following Classic Quizzes features are not yet available in New Quizzes:

  • Bulk downloading attached files for grading
  • Downloading CSV of student quiz responses or Student Analysis
  • Embedding Video/audio in the quiz or the quiz submission
  • Linking documents, images or videos previously uploaded to your Course Files 
  • Sharing the quiz to Canvas Commons
  • Use of external tools within the quiz (i.e. Google Drive, MiVideo)
  • Use of right-to-left/left-to-right formatting buttons

Last Updated May 12, 2023