Canvas 101: Teaching with Canvas

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Online Excellence Teaching Academy (OETA)- Canvas 101 is a required workshop listed under Phase 1.

Canvas 101 is perfect for new online instructors, and it is modular so instructors with varied backgrounds and experience can select the order of the modules that best apply to their needs. This online workshop is intended to introduce instructors to the available tools in Canvas. It is self-paced, project-based, and guided–a facilitator will be available to answer questions and to evaluate participant projects.

This course assumes that you possess basic computing skills: that you can input text into a computer, that you are familiar with basic computer file and folder organization, that you can operate a web browser, and that you can save, upload and download files. If you do not have these skills, you will need to acquire them before you are assigned to teach an online class in Spring 2023. Please refer back to the OETA guidelines and check with your department chair.

Last Updated April 20, 2023