The Edge of Ed: Hybrid Classes During Covid

Episode 3 | November 29th, 2021: In this episode Bruce Wolcott and Archana Alwar discusses multiple strategies for delivering hybrid courses and hyflex courses at the college during the COVID shutdowns, and as we return to campus.

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Episode 3: Hybrid Classes During Covid

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Blended Learning Design Checklist

This document was created within The Bellevue College Faculty Commons, 2021, by Myriam Alhadeff Feldman, Archana Alwar, Tonya Estes, Weina Sun.

Additional Resources

The University of Vermont provides a visual reference for different course delivery models including the Alternating Model, the Replacement Model, the Split Model, the Front End Model, the Back End Model, and the Bookend Model.

Last Updated December 15, 2021