Zoom for virtual meetings

Note: Request an account on Zoom via a ITS Service Desk ticket.

Note: Request Zoom training using the Request Center

Note: Please review Zoom and FERPA compliance

So what is Zoom?

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool used for virtual/online meetings.

Meeting collaboration technologies to consider:

  • Will videoconferencing be needed?
  • Does the coordinator want a copy of the video conference?
  • Is this a phone conference?
  • How many people will be in attendance?
  • Will a large screen monitor be necessary?
  • Will a projector be necessary?
  • Is screen sharing necessary?
  • Will audience participation be necessary?

Zoom Checklist for Event or Meeting [Process 2 days]

Step 1: Set up a Zoom account – [TDX ticket from ITS]

Step 2: Schedule a training session – Interactive eLearning ticket

Step 3: Schedule an Event or Meeting in Zoom on your own.

Step 1: How to get a Zoom account?

Request a Zoom account with ITS

Once the account is created look in your Bellevue College email for an automated email from the Zoom team. The email will provide a URL confirmation link for account activation. Allow 1day

Step 2: How to schedule a Zoom event/meeting training?

Request a Zoom training through Request Center > LMC Equipment Request > Equipment Request > Zoom Meeting [Checkbox]

  • Next, an appointment will be scheduled via where you’ll be trained on how to download the software, use the added Meeting OWL tool, and a live demonstration will be held in Interactive eLearning D140. Allow 1 day


Start using Zoom today.

  • Login for Bellevue College ZOOM or https://bellevuecollege.zoom.us
  • Use your Bellevue College email and password.
  • Download the Zoom App or use the web-based Zoom.
  • Use the Zoom icon to launch the tool.

Step 3: How to schedule an event/meeting?

  1. Find a conference room on campus
  2. From the Bellevue College Main web page, scroll down to Faculty & Staff > Room Scheduling > 25Live Rooms > Scheduling System.
  3. Schedule accordingly. Start the meeting 30 minutes early to test your audio/video and end the meeting 15 minutes after.

Event and Meeting questions

  • Who is attending the meeting/event?
  • What equipment is in the desired room? What equipment will be needed in the desired room? What day is the meeting/event? What time is the meeting/event? What room is the meeting/event?
  • Where will the meeting/event be held?
  • When is the meeting?
  • How long is the meeting?


Step 4: How can I learn more about Zoom?

Step 5: What are the Zoom equipment requirements?

Here are the Zoom System Requirements

Step 6: Is any other equipment needed?

  • Request a Meeting OWL only if there are multiple participants. The OWL is not needed for all Zoom meetings.
  • Multimedia Services has found that the additional use of the Meeting OWL is only helpful with multiple participants.
  • The OWL can be reserved for Meetings through Request Center or purchased by your division.
  • Suggested Meeting rooms for use with the Meeting Owl: D260A, S201 & S301, T205. The OWL will not work in all the classrooms.
  • All OWL requests require a 24-hour notice. You can also check out an OWL for the day. It is a plug and play accessory for your laptop.

Step 7: What is the Meeting OWL?

The Meeting OWL video conferencing camera dynamically captures 360 video and superior audio for a near face-to-face experience engineered for plug & play simplicity. [USB port and power outlet are required.]

The Meeting OWL works best in a meeting room setting versus a classroom setting. The Meeting Owl can be found at Owl Labs.

The Meeting Owl Photo


Meeting OWL Checklist:

Zoom Checklist for Event or Meeting

  1. Zoom Account – Note: Allow 1 day, Date: ___________ Completed: ___________
  2. Training – Note: Allow 1 day, Date: ___________ Completed: ___________
  3. Zoom Account – Note: Allow 1 day, Date: ___________ Completed: ___________

How to get a Zoom Account

  1. TSS Request Ticket

How to schedule a Zoom Training

  1. Request Center Ticket

How to schedule a 25 Live Meeting

  1. Schedule Online

Interactive eLearning will offer a training session on using Zoom. Use the Request Center to create a ticket and contact Multimedia Specialist Larry Boykin for more information.


Watch recorded training sessions

Review Zoom Video tutorials

Register for Live Zoom Training

Last Updated June 10, 2024