Tuition and Fee Due Dates

Learn about due dates for paying BC tuition.

Tuition Deadline Information for Summer Quarter 2024

Summer QuarterPayment Deadlines
Enrollment Date (date class added)
May 6 – June 25June 26
June 26 and afterTuition due by the end of the following business day

Enrollment Cancellation (drop for non-payment)

The college routinely drops students for non-payment beginning the following business day after tuition is due. However, do not count on the college to drop you for non-payment. If you do not plan to attend the classes you enrolled for, you must drop your classes online to avoid costly collection fees and failing grades on your transcript. Enrolling for a class, takes a spot in that class that can prevent another student from enrolling.

When dropping students for non-payment, the college drops all classes you enrolled for. We cannot link a partial payment with a specific class. If dropped, you can try to re-enroll in your classes, or choose other classes. Make sure to make your payment when due.

Please note the following:

  • The college charges a drop fee.
  • The college sends unpaid tuition and fees to collections, and students must pay any collection and legal fees as a result.