ctcLink for Students View and Pay Tuition Tutorial

View and Pay Tuition. Learn how to view and pay tuition in ctcLink

Explore the information below to learn how to view and pay tuition in ctcLink.

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Step-by-Step ctcLink View and Pay Tuition Tutorial

Three-step picture guide for signing into ctcLink through the website gateway or mobile app.

Log in to ctcLink

Visit wa080.ctclink.us OR open your ctcLink mobile app then enter your ctcLink ID and Password

Note: Students must activate their ctcLink account to log in.

Tip: Forgot your password? Select ‘Password Help’ on the same screen you enter your ctcLink ID. This prompt is not available on the Password entry screen.

Picture that shows the expanded Financials menu. Arrows help users locate the expansion button and the "What I Owe" button found in the dropdown.

Select ‘What I Owe’ from the ‘Financials’ Dropdown

Expand the ‘Financials’ dropdown. Select ‘What I Owe’.

Picture that shows the What I Owe page. Notes on the picture give important information, and various arrows point out important user interface buttons.

Expand Quarter or Select ‘View Details’ to Review Detailed Information on Charges

Note: Summary information is provided before you expand to view more details.

Note: How this page displays depends on the size of your browser window.

Picture of an example Detail List of Fees and Charges. A note provides important disclaimers about the information in the example displayed, and an arrow locates where the "Make A Payment" button on the page.

Review Detailed List of Fees and Charges

Select ‘Make A Payment’ when ready to pay.

Note: Different types of students might have different fees and charges. For example, the student in this example is enrolled in a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program. As such, they have charges specific to BAS students.

Picture of the Review Balance in ctcLink Desktop (Full Site) View. A note explains the difference in appearance and the use of the desktop view as it relates to the payment

Review Balance in ctcLink Desktop (Full Site) View

Note: Desktop (full site) view looks different than ctcLink’s mobile view. It is still the same system and connected to the same account information. Payments can only be made through the desktop (full site) view.

Picture that shows the "Payments" menu and the "Make a Payment" button that is located on the expansion menu. Arrows point to both buttons user interface.

Select ‘Make a Payment’ from the ‘Payments’ Dropdown

Expand ‘Payments’ dropdown. Select ‘Make a Payment’.

Picture that shows the "Make a Payment" menu. A tip box provides additional information, and a notes section clarifies partial payment scenarios. A pair of arrows helps users locate the "next" button and the "Payment Amount" field.

Enter Payment Amount

The default schedule view is the current week, indicated in the top-left of the screen.

Enter the amount you want to pay. Select ‘Next’.

Note: Partial payments are accepted but, unless otherwise noted, full tuition must be paid by the tuition due date listed on the Academic Calendar (bellevuecollege.edu/studentcentral/calendar). Partial payments are not associated with the tuition payment plan. Students must set up a tuition payment plan online at bellevuecollege.edu/tuition/paymentplan.

Note: Calendar view displays information for all courses on your schedule for a selected time period.

Calendar View: View your class schedule for the selected time period in calendar format. Lists all occurrences of classes, exams, and/or wait list classes.

Picture that shows Confirm Payment Information Page. An arrow points to the "Continue to Make Payment" button

Confirm Payment Information

Select ‘Continue to Make Payment’ when ready.

Picture that shows the Confirm Payment  page.

Enter Payment Information.

Select ‘Finish’.

Page that shows the location of "Email Outstanding Charges" button on the "What I Owe" page. A note gives additional information of what displays when the button is selected.

Optional: Email Charges

Select ‘Email Outstanding Charges’ on the ‘What I Owe’ screen. Enter email address in To: field. Send.

Note: After selecting ‘Email Outstanding Charges’ a window opens up with the financial information in your preferred email client.

Video Tutorial of Step-by-Step ctcLink View and Pay Tuition

Last Updated September 21, 2023