Class Attendance Information

  • It is very important to attend all your classes from the very first day. If you are in an online or hybrid class, this means you need to login to your class site in Canvas.
  • If you know ahead of time that you will miss class, it is critical that you contact your instructor on or before the quarter starts. Find your instructor in the employee directory.
  • If you do not contact your instructor beforehand and do not attend the first class (or login to an online/hybrid course on the first day of the quarter), your instructor may request that you be withdrawn from the class.
  • Additionally, if you notify your instructor that you will miss the first days of class, understand that notification does not mean that you can make up missed work. Make sure you clearly understand your instructor’s expectations.
  • Instructor initiated withdraws are at the discretion of the instructor. If you do not plan to take a class, you must withdraw yourself or run the risk of failing grades on your transcript, and charges that cannot be waived, or refunds provided.
  • If your instructor does are withdraw you, it is done no later than the fifth business day of the quarter and you may receive a 100% refund minus a drop-processing fee.

Last Updated October 20, 2020