Is eLearning for You?

eLearning requires you to have good time management and communication skills, as well as being comfortable around technology.

Successful eLearning students.

  • Work independently.
  • Take notes from textbooks, media and online lectures.
  • Set goals and work through the process to achieve them, even when confronted with obstacles.
  • Are confident in their academic capabilities.
  • Are confident in their computer skills and in their ability to download required course software.
  • Are comfortable taking both essay and objective exams.
  • Have a back-up plan if technology issues can’t be resolved quickly.
  • Take responsibility for their own learning and ask questions when they don’t understand something.
  • Are willing to invest time and dedication necessary to complete their program of study.
  • Are able to complete what they start—don’t procrastinate.
  • Possess the appropriate reading and writing skills for college level courses.
  • Poses exceptional time management skills.
  • Believe that high quality education can take place outside the traditional classroom, and don’t require daily one-on-one with their instructors.

Useful tips for succeeding as an online college student.

  • Create your BC NetID Account, which includes a college email address.
  • Check this email often, all college communications will be sent to this email, including your registration date and time each quarter and information on course evaluations.
  • Pay close attention to both course and college deadlines.
  • Block out time in your weekly schedule that will be dedicated to your online classes. Recommended, two hours per day for each 5 credits you are taking.
  • Do your homework in a consistent place at a consistent time prior to each class session.

Academic Integrity

Cheating, stealing and plagiarism are violations of the Student Code of Conduct at Bellevue College. Violations could result in a failing grade for a particular assignment, a failing grade for the course, or dismissal from Bellevue College. Read more about academic integrity.

Last Updated August 16, 2021