Canvas 201: Taking your Course to the next level!

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This is an ONLINE Canvas 201: Taking your Course to the next level Workshop. There are no meetings on site.

Email contact:

Offered: TBD

Participant: Faculty

Delivery Mode: Online Only, there are no meetings on site.

Required: Completion of Canvas 101

Facilitator: Ann Minks (Allied Health Faculty)

PD Hours: On completion participants receive 22 hrs of professional development time.

Canvas 201: Taking your Course to the next level!

This is the intermediate level Canvas course.

Explore in-depth, tools in Canvas that enhances student learning.

Use Canvas tools to overcome the barriers in learning.

The purpose of this workshop is to build on the knowledge you gained in Canvas 101 and learn how to enhance your online class with additional tools: Assignments, Quizzes, Graded Discussions, and Student Analytics.

You will learn how to update your course navigation and organize your site to improve the student experience.  You will also be introduced to ways to review and analyze how your students are participating in your courses, so you can provide immediate support as needed.

The workshop is set up to take participants through intermediate tools used during the life cycle of a course each quarter–from setup at the beginning of the quarter, to closing activities at the end of the quarter. Topics include:

Module 1: Canvas 101 Refresher

Module 2: Course Setup

Module 3: Communication and Collaboration tools

Module 4: Assessment tools

Module 5: Analysis tools (of the course and of student engagement)

Module 6: Housekeeping and End of Quarter Procedures

Module 7: Resources and Examples

This is a facilitated workshop that can be completed with minimal assistance. A facilitator will be available to answer questions and to evaluate participant activities. There are seven-course modules that will take about twenty-two hours to complete in total. Each module has at least one graded activity or discussion with a due date in order to help keep you on track for completion. You’ll also have an opportunity to participate in idea exchange activities with other colleagues.

Upon completion of and participation in all portions of the workshop, participants will earn a Certificate of Completion, validating twenty-two hours of Professional Development. Please plan ahead to spend three or four hours per week for six weeks to complete all required activities at a level of 85% accuracy in order to earn a certificate of completion with twenty-two PD hours.

Before you register for Canvas 201 we require you to complete Canvas 101.

Sessions are sponsored by the Interactive eLearning Department.

Last Updated June 11, 2024