Keith Rowley Picture

Keith Rowley

Instructional Technologist/Faculty | School of Bus & Tech


I am a self-professed “software geek.” That is, I love to learn my way around new software, both online web-based apps, and locally-installed, usually more-robust desktop applications.

I have been teaching Business Technology and Information Technology classes in the IBIT division of Bellevue College in Washington state since 2007, having moved to Washington from Texas, where I taught graphic design and electronic imaging and earned a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Arts. I’m originally from the Corpus Christi area, where I owned a couple hip coffee shops, managed several computer labs at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, and hosted drum circles at the beach. I also help faculty & staff at BC with technology in both one-on-one and workshop situations.

Many of the classes I teach are in the IBEST program, which is nationally-renowned for its innovative approach to jump-starting developmental-education students into college-level and professional/vocational coursework. One of the unique characteristics of the IBEST model is that classes are team-taught. With my IBEST teaching partner Eric Nacke, I have led team-teaching workshops for colleges around the state and nation.

When not on campus (or otherwise piddling about on computers), I’m usually listening to or making my own music, or reading/watching science fiction. Or eating. Or sleeping.