Advising Tools

Enrollment Calendar

The Enrollment Calendar includes registration dates and important dates for withdrawing and receiving tuition refunds.

Late Registration Petitions

Submit a Late Registration Petition to add a class once the quarter has already started.

Replace an F or D Grade

Use this link if you first earned a D or F grade and then you received a higher grade when you retook the class. This will help improve your GPA. Please note that it will not erase your D or F grades. There will simply be an “R” (for Repeated Course) placed next to the old grade.

Degree Audit

Degree Audit helps you understand what degree requirements you have and have not completed for specific degrees and certificates at BC. Use this as a helpful guide to finishing your academic goal for the College Credit Program. If you need help, come see an IE Advisor.

Transfer Major Guides

For many of our majors, we offer these helpful “Major Guides.” They will give you good information about the major and what classes you often need to take to be ready to transfer to a specific program of study.

Online Services

This link will take you to some of the most common and popular links students use at BC. Some of the links include: ordering a transcript, paying your tuition online, registering, and updating your address.


To see the current class offerings, please check out the BC credit class schedule.

Last Updated March 25, 2024