Admitted Students

Congratulations on taking the steps to start achieving your goals and dreams. As one of our newest Bulldogs, you are welcome here.

BC's campus.

Congratulations and Welcome to BC!

We’re happy that you’ve chosen BC to assist you with achieving your goals and dreams.

We invite you to follow BC’s Bulldog Trail to student success: Explore, Connect, Engage, Learn, Achieve, and Thrive.

Each student reaches their academic and career goals through an intentionally-designed college experience that reflects quality, creativity, and equity.

Completed Your Application to BC? Follow This Checklist:

After you apply to BC, your application will be processed within a few days.

  • The email address you used to create your application will get a welcome email outlining further steps and provide you with your ctcLink ID number. If there are any problems with your application, we’ll send you an email.
  • If you haven’t gotten your Welcome to BC email from by the time our processing time dashboard for Admissions Applications shows it should be processed, you can reach out to us:

Activate Your Account

Set Up Your NetID

  • After you receive your nine digit ctcLink ID number in your welcome email, set up your NetID and create a BC Email
    • Your NetID is like a key needed to access Canvas (online class system), email, computer labs, forms, and processes required by the college. You’ll need it to complete the next steps for getting placed into classes or removing prequisite requirements for work you’ve already completed.
    • See our tutorial if you need help.

Apply to get Financial Aid

Placement and Testing Services Options

Transfer Credits to Bellevue College

  • Transferring credits from another college is often confused with placement and clearing prerequisites. These are two separate things. If you completed college level classes and would like the credits to transfer in toward your degree, we will need official documentation. It may take much longer to process than just clearing a course prerequisite.
  • You can transfer credits from another college, professional certifications, military training, or even get credit for work and life experience. We also accept exams such as AP, IB, and A-Levels. If credit from your previous school is found to be equivalent to Bellevue College coursework, that credit can be transferred and applied toward your degree or certificate where appropriate.
    • First, you’ll need to send your official transcript(s) and documentation to us.
    • Next, you’ll need to let us know we’ve received all the official transcript(s) and documentation you plan to send so we can begin comparing all the course equivalencies. You do this by completing the credit review request form found on step 5. Please note: since reviewing course equivalencies is a long process that can take weeks, we don’t review transcripts that are sent to us until you complete the credit review request form. That form lets us know we have all the official transcript(s) and documentation that you plan to send in.
  • Processing times for getting your transcripts evaluated for a credit transfer can take several weeks. It’s recommended that you start that process as soon as you can but also talk with an advisor about taking the right courses to avoid repeating equivalent courses. You do not need to wait until your credit transfer is complete prior to signing up for classes.

Complete the New Student Orientation

  • Even if you’re not new to college, completing the New Student Orientation will help you with all the steps to be successful here at Bellevue College. This will also include information on how to meet with an academic advisor and pick the right classes to meet your goals.
  • At the end of the New Student Orientation through Canvas (our learning system), you can sign up for the Enrollment Sessions run by our orientation team either live online or in-person.

Steps to Enroll for BC Classes

See how to pay through ctcLink

A student works on a laptop on the BC campus.


Now that you’re a new BC student, there’s so much more to Bellevue College besides great classes. Our campus has plenty of opportunities to go beyond the classroom. Our campus fosters a culture of inclusion that respects and values you.

An advisor provides guidance to a BC student.


As a BC student, you’ll find there are student organizations that play a vital role in campus culture and opportunity for leadership development and growth. There are chartered student organizations open to all BC students and there is no cost to join

BC students work together in a science lab.


Your first three quarters at BC are exciting times. You’ll work with your advisor to choose a Pathway and make an Education Plan. We have support systems like Early Alert to help you keep on track. The Academic Success Center is there for you with drop-in and scheduled tutoring, workshops, resources, and more available in person or online!

BC students receive personalized instruction from their professor.

Learn, Achieve and Thrive

In your 4th quarter and beyond, you’ll continue to connect with faculty and peer educators. Advisors will help you transfer to a 4-year institution or launch a career search. After graduation, we look forward to our lifelong connection with you as a BC alumni. Bellevue College and with the surrounding community to provide opportunities for students to learn through experiences, with the goal of helping them identity, articulate, build, and apply strengths. Through experiential learning, students develop skills that can help them succeed after leaving Bellevue College.