Self-Motivation and Self-Discipline

Though there can be a great amount of freedom and flexibility in an online learning environment, it is important to remember that each online class has due dates for assignments and other requirements that must be met to complete a course. Succeeding in an online environment takes a serious commitment and willingness to be disciplined and highly motivated.


  • Log in to your online class on the first day. Bellevue College has a strict  attendance policy  that students taking online or hybrid courses must follow.
  • Pay close attention to  college deadlines , and check with your instructor for specific class information and requirements.
  • Most online classes have assignments with submission due dates and deadlines. An online course may also require you to participate in projects, research assignments, and webinars, so make sure you read your course syllabus on the first day of class to familiarize yourself with the course requirements.
  • Always ask your instructor if you have any questions about your course activities and assignments. Be proactive and initiate a dialog with your teacher if you have any problems or questions.

Last Updated August 10, 2022