Tech Hub – XR Lab – Student Canvas Workshops

Tech Rovers assisting students and faculty with Canvas and other Technology questions
Tech Rovers assisting patrons with Technology CheckIn/Out and Printing questions

Tech Hub

Located in the center of the Library Media Center

ITS Tech Rovers assist students with:

  • Computer access
  • Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel Tips
  • Library Resources
  • Printing assistance
  • Copy assistance
  • Finding Study Rooms
  • Troubleshooting basic Technology problems
  • Checking In & out equipment

Laptops and other Media equipment for BC students only

  • Students can check out laptops, and cell phone adapters at the TechHub.
  • Equipment is checked out for 4 hours.
  • Media equipment checkout is only for Bellevue College Students.
  • Non-BC students CANNOT check out equipment such as laptops, adapters, and headphones.
  • Please read the guidelines for daily and quarterly use.
  • Equipment checkout for programs like MCS, Project IDEA, IBEST, DMA will be done only at the eLearning Multi-Media Desk. Please check with your instructor for the hours posted for checkouts and check-in.

Microsoft Imagine Software

Microsoft software is available online at Bellevue College’s Microsoft Imagine Academic Software Center!


XR Lab at Bellevue College

Experience Virtual Reality on campus

Faculty or Staff: to request a demo of the XR Lab or get more information send an email to

Students: to request a demo of the XR Lab or get more information send an email to

The new “XR Lab” located in the Bellevue College library is committed to the application of new virtual reality and simulations technologies as tools for thought – to provide students ways to augment their learning through access to immersive, multi-sensory experiences.  To accomplish this goal, the XR Lab provides the following services:

  1. State of the art virtual reality display devices: the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Mixed Reality and Google Daydream headsets.
  2. Educational software to deliver high-quality interactive learning experiences that are reviewed by instructors and students before implementation in ongoing classroom support.
  3. An open-source networked video conference classroom space that allows students to experience presenters from all over the world, and shared learning experiences with participating educational institutions.
  4. VR equipped demonstration suites and workrooms.

XR Lab Use and VR Equipment Check-Out and Check-In (For Staff)

Equipment Check-Out:

  • First, check the roster list for students qualified to use the VR headsets.
  • Students from the VR class or students having taken the VR workshop will be on the roster list.
  • Access to the VR Rooms will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The VR rooms will already have the VR headset and laptop set up, users will just need to log-in and access their Steam accounts.
  • The VR headsets are used only on-premises, not to be taken out of the Library.
  • The VR Equipment Notebook contains detailed pictures of each camera kit with all its accessories (but only one simplified barcode for the entire kit).
  • The pictures correspond to the check-out sheets – each box on the sheet corresponds to the exact equipment and accessories contained in each kit.
  • You check off the pieces on the sheet, scan the barcode, done.

Equipment Check-In:

  • Check-in consists of checking off all the items on the form, and scan barcodes to discharge.
  • Users must leave the room as they found it, neat and tidy, all equipment in its proper place and all cables nicely coiled.

XR Lab Schedules (Lab Assistant available at this time)

The lab will be open during the day. Contact the staff via email. No Saturday and Sunday hours.


XR email

XR Lab Assistant: Brandae Grein

XR Faculty: Bruce Wolcott

XR Faculty: James Riggall

Digital Learning Manager: Ron Austin, location: Building D Room 126 N

Free eLearning workshop for students
Free eLearning workshop for students

Student Canvas 4 Day Online Workshop

Are you taking an online, hybrid or on-ground Canvas course at Bellevue College? This is a free, non-credit workshop, held online, over four consecutive half-days, and is designed for students who are new to Online Learning at Bellevue College.

Student Canvas Live 60 minute Training

Learn Quick & Easy Navigation Tips in sixty minutes.Start the quarter with Student Strategies for Success in mind.

During the quarter, we offer walk-in student Canvas training at the Student Canvas Training Desk.

Ongoing weekly Student Canvas Training

Our team provides walk-In training and in-person Canvas Student Workshops throughout the quarter.

Our team will answer your Canvas student questions, examples:

  • How to set up your profile, announcements, files & calendar
  • How to navigate your course
  • How to submit assignments, and more!
  • How to activate your textbook publisher content required by your instructor

Last Updated July 8, 2020