Human Capital Management (HCM)

HCM – Vol. 3 – October 27, 2021


Oct. 16-Dec. 15 – Staff can review applications, conduct interviews, and offer future employment during this period

Oct. 28 – Final day to submit timesheets in TLR

Oct. 28 – Final day to submit timesheets in TLR

Nov. 4 – HP will be shut down

Nov. 4 – HR and Payroll Offices will be closed

Nov. 9 – ctcLink goes live for staff

Nov. 15 – First day to approve timesheets in ctcLink

Nov. 15-19 – HR and Payroll Offices will offer limited services

Dec. 1 – First day for hiring managers to input new employees into ctcLink

Dec. 16 – Start Date for future employees


Due to the transition to ctcLink, timesheets for this pay period (Oct. 15-31) are due on Thursday, Oct. 28.

All employees who use TLR must submit their hours by 12 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 28. Supervisors should approve timesheets by 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 28.

Please note that submitting and approving timesheets doesn’t need to wait until the due date. Early submission and approval is encouraged.

Late timesheets cannot be accepted. Hours not submitted or approved will need to be submitted in ctcLink for the next regular payroll cycle. Off-cycle checks cannot be issued for late timesheets.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact or speak to your supervisor.


HCM Pillar Update – Timesheets

Are you curious about what the new ctcLink environment will be like? Try out the practice site, called SVX, to “activate your account.” (Note: You will need to do this again after go-live.)

You can confirm your login credentials, practice your workflows, and check security permissions. If you do this prior to Nov. 1 ,we may be able to adjust your permissions prior to going live in ctcLink, meaning your first day will be smoother.

You can submit a ticket if you need help with permissions.


One benefit of the implementation to ctcLink is improved ease of use. Your ctcLink login will be used to access more than 20 systems that will be replaced by ctclink when we go-live, including:

  • Employee Earnings & Leave
  • Time, Leave Reporting (TLR)
  • Neogov


Student employees were not required to complete training during last spring. However, they will need to complete the Employee Self-Service (ES100) training before they access the system on Nov. 9.

The course covers a range of topics, including tracking time, entering time, reporting leave/comp time, creating travel authorizations, requesting an absence, and viewing requests and time summaries. In addition, the employee will be shown how to view payroll information, personal and benefit details.

Managers, please schedule these employees to complete this training during work hours and please help them register for the course. Please click here for more information.

Additional HCM Updates

Pillar Update: HCM – Vol. 1 – Aug. 2, 2021

As you’ve heard by now, Bellevue College (BC) is transitioning to a new software system called ctcLink. ctcLink is the implementation of a centralized system of online functions that have been designed to give students, faculty, and staff “anytime, anywhere” ...

HCM Updates

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