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Important: Many Academic Advisement Reports are now available in ctcLink. Please note they are continuing to undergo testing and will be updated as issues are discovered.

If you started your degree before Fall 2021, please refer to the former degree audit system for the most accurate requirements and information for your program of study.

If you start(ed) your degree Fall 2021 or later, please refer to the online catalog for the most accurate information. Some AARs that are available in ctcLink have unresolved issues.

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Built, Available in ctcLink, Tests Ongoing

Associate in Arts and Sciences, AAS-DTA

Nursing, AAS-T

Associate in Business, AB-DTA/MRP

Computer Science, BS

Nursing, RN to BSN, BS

Interior Design, BAA

Interior Studies, AA

Radiologic Technology, AA

Applied Accounting, BAS

Digital Marketing, BAS

Data Management and Analysis BAS, Data Analytics Concentration

Science, Track I: Biological, Environmental/Resources, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, AS

General Studies, AA

Diagnostic Ultrasound Technology, AA

Healthcare Management and Leadership, Healthcare Management General Concentration, BAS

Science, Track II: Engineering MRP* Civil, Mechanical and Other Engineering, AS

Molecular Biosciences, BAS

Science, Track II: Engineering MRP* Electrical and Computer Engineering, AS

Information Systems and Technology BAS, Application Development Concentration

Information Systems and Technology BAS, Cybersecurity Concentration

Healthcare Informatics, BAS

Radiation Therapy, AA

Radiation and Imaging Sciences, Technology Concentration, BAS

Information Systems, AAS-T

Health and Wellness, BAS

Allied Health, AAS-T

Digital Media Arts, AA

Data Management and Analysis BAS, Business Intelligence Concentration

Neurodiagnostic Technology, AA

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certificate of Accomplishment

Radiation and Imaging Sciences, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Concentration, BAS

Science, Track II: Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and Engineering, AS

Medical Assistant Certificate of Achievement

Medical Billing and Coding Certificate of Achievement

Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate of Achievement

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, AAS-T

Clinical Laboratory Assistant Certificate of Achievement

Phlebotomy Technician Certificate of Achievement

Molecular Sciences Technician, AAS-T

Accounting, AAS-T

Early Childhood Education State Certificate of Achievement

Accounting, AA

Early Childhood Education, AA

Early Childhood Education, AAS-T

Criminal Justice, AAS-T

Digital Marketing, AAS-T

Science, Track II: Engineering MRP* Chemical and Bio Engineering, AS

Business Management, AA

Business Intelligence Analyst Certificate of Accomplishment

Radiation and Imaging Sciences, Medical Dosimetry Concentration, BAS

Radiation and Imaging Sciences, Nuclear Medicine Concentration, BAS

Medical Dosimetry Certificate of Achievement

Business Management, AAS-T

Healthcare Management and Leadership, Healthcare Management General Concentration, BAS

Healthcare Informatics, BAS

Nuclear Medicine Technology, AA

Accounting Assistant Certificate of Achievement

CT Imaging Certificate of Accomplishment

Information Systems, AAS-T

Business Technology, AA

Associate in Music, DTA/MRP

Associate in Math Education, AME-DTA/MRP

Introductory C++ Programming Certificate of Accomplishment

Project Management Certificate of Accomplishment

Advanced Video Production Certificate of Achievement

Nursing Assistant Certified Certificate of Completion

Database Analyst Certificate of Accomplishment

Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate of Completion

Interpretation Certificate of Accomplishment

Marketing Management, AA

Cloud Architecture and Services Certificate of Achievement

Cisco Support Technician Certificate of Achievement

State Short Certification of Specialization – General Certificate of Accomplishment

Promotional Marketing Certificate of Achievement

Database Report Developer Certificate of Achievement

Breast Ultrasound Certificate of Accomplishment

Introductory .NET Programming Certificate of Achievement

Healthcare Informatics Certificate of Achievement

Human Resources Assistant Certificate of Achievement

Translation Certificate of Accomplishment

Application and Desktop Support Specialist Certificate of Achievement

Business Technology Specialist Certificate of Accomplishment

Web Content Management Certificate of Accomplishment

Sales Certificate of Accomplishment

Programming for Mobile and Web Development Certificate of Achievement

Vascular Interventional Certificate of Accomplishment

Accounting Preparation Certificate of Completion

Financial Data Report Specialist Certificate of Accomplishment

Accounting Information Systems Certificate of Accomplishment

3D Certificate of Accomplishment

State Short Certification of Specialization – Infants and Toddlers Certificate of Accomplishment

Intermediate Applications Developer Certificate of Accomplishment

Information Systems and Technology BAS, Artificial Intelligence Concentration 

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Last Updated January 4, 2022