Pillar Update: HCM – Vol. 1 – Aug. 2, 2021

As you’ve heard by now, Bellevue College (BC) is transitioning to a new software system called ctcLink. ctcLink is the implementation of a centralized system of online functions that have been designed to give students, faculty, and staff “anytime, anywhere” access to a modern and efficient means of conducting college business.

There are three primary areas (called ‘pillars’) affected by the implementation of ctcLink: finance, campus solutions, and human capital management. Pillar Update was created to highlight important events involving ctcLink. Each of the updates will feature content centered on a single pillar.

Our initial email focuses on events that affect human capital management. It’s an overview of important dates related to Human Resources and Payroll processes. We encourage you to add these dates to your calendar.

Future emails will elaborate on upcoming events and offer additional guidance and training, bringing you the information you need!

Time Sheets

Who is impacted: all staff, faculty and student employees

  • Oct. 28 – Final day to submit/approve timesheets in TLR
  • Oct. 28 – Final day to send fully approved (signed) Faculty Absence Report forms
  • Nov. 15 – First timesheets are due in ctcLink by 12:00 pm, timesheets must be approved by 5:00 pm


Who is impacted: hiring managers, hiring committees and new employees

  • July 21-Oct. 1 – Positions may be submitted to HR
  • July 21-Oct. 15 – HR will continue to post positions on NeoGov
  • Sept. 27 – Final day for supervisors to initiate pre-offer processes by sending Request to Hire to HR
  • Oct. 4 – Final day for supervisors to send fully completed new hire packets to HR
  • Oct. 11 – Final day for new hires to begin employment Oct. 12-Dec. 15 – No new hires during this period
  • Oct. 16-Dec. 15 – Staff can review applications, conduct interviews, and offer future employment during this period
  • Dec. 1 – First day for hiring managers to input new hires into ctcLink
  • Dec. 16 – Start date for future employees


Who is impacted: budget authorities and faculty

  • Oct. 15 – Final day to submit stipends to Payroll

Service Information

Who is impacted: All faculty, staff and students

  • Nov. 4-12 – HR and Payroll Offices will be closed
  • Nov. 15-19 – HR and Payroll Offices will offer limited services
  • Certain BC offices may close to the public on Fridays through December 31 – The purpose of these closures is to allow departments one full day a week with fewer interruptions to complete the necessary work for the implementation of ctcLink.

Last Updated August 20, 2021