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October 2020

Dear Campus Community,

Our transition to ctcLink is well underway! Since our last report in June 2020, more than 170 BC staff members have created and validated 258 business process maps. These maps document how people and technology interact today so BC staff and faculty can translate our workflows to ctcLink and create the college’s workflows for the future.

Where are we now?

We are at the “Structure” stage in the project implementation. BC staff are comparing the maps they developed over the summer in the ctcLink functional areas — Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance (FIN), Student Financials (SF), Campus Solutions (CS) and Financial Aid (FA) – with established ctcLink processes. The comparison will determine what changes are required for a successful implementation.

ctcLink map of project stages

What’s next?

Through December, BC staff will prepare the college through completion of homework assignments and in Business Process Fit Gap (BPFG) sessions. In these sessions, staff will learn:

  • how the new software will impact the college
  • what will be different in ctcLink

With this information, each area (HCM, FIN, SF, CS, FA) will then configure and design new processes to meet the college’s needs. Once the configurations and designs are in place, they will be tested and validated with the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. This will ensure the software operates with our systems as designed. These tests are planned in stages starting at the end of January and will take place through Fall 2021. We are scheduled to go live with ctcLink in October 2021!

In the meantime, all BC staff will have opportunities to see how ctcLink works through regular updates, email feature stories, demonstrations and more. Watch your email and look for presentations at group meetings and during all-college training days this winter and spring. A ctcLink user training program is currently in development. More information about the user training timeline will be available in Winter Quarter.

Want to know what you can do now?

If you want to find out more about ctcLink right now, explore the BC ctcLink website. You’ll find:

  • a PeopleSoft video
  • “What you can do with ctcLink” information sheet
  • details about the timeline and project phases
  • frequently asked questions, and more

Or, you can drop-in on a ctcLink Office Hours from 9-11 a.m. most Thursdays or send an email to ctcLink@bellevuecollege.edu.

In addition, each division has a participant on the Organizational Change Management (OCM) Task Force to provide staff with general information and help you find answers to your questions.

Thank you to everyone who is involved with this process. There are long hours and quite a bit of detail to sort through. The work you are doing now will help BC streamline and improve the quality of our services, reduce and consolidate our processes, and improve compliance — all to better serve our students.

Rodger Harrison | Vice President   Information Technology Services   (425) 564‐2224    3000 Landerholm Circle SE bellevuecollege.edu   

Last Updated August 15, 2021