VOL. 1 – AUGUST 13, 2021


No doubt you’ve heard – Bellevue College is transitioning to a new software system called ctcLink. It’s a centralized system of online functions designed to give students, faculty, and staff “anytime, anywhere” access to a modern and efficient means of conducting college business.

ctcLink is scheduled to “go live” on November 8, 2021. Coach is designed to move you through the transition – and beyond!


All employees are required to complete the ctcLink training courses at their own pace. These courses will offer a solid overview of ctcLink. Training is asynchronous.

A few notes:

  • Employees who are planning to work beyond the summer quarter should complete the courses.
  • Employees who have already completed the self-paced ctcLink training at other institutions are not required to repeat the training.
  • Adjunct faculty will be paid $50 for completing the ctcLink training by the end of Fall Quarter.  These payments will be made at the end of the Summer and Fall Quarters. 

Register and find the specific training for your role at the SBCTC self-registration portal. For additional information, please visit the ctcLink training website.


BC will offer supplementary training throughout the Fall Quarter. This training will include live sessions, handouts, and videos.

Dates and times will be determined. Stay tuned!


ctcLink Website

If you have any questions about training, please contact Warda Zaman at warda.zaman@bellevuecollege.edu. And if you have suggestions on how to improve this email, please contact Yves Martin at: yves.martin@bellevuecollege.edu.

Last Updated September 7, 2021