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Step-by-Step ctcLink Class Schedule Tutorial

Three-step picture guide for signing into ctcLink through the website gateway or mobile app.

Log in to ctcLink

Visit wa080.ctclink.us OR open your ctcLink mobile app then enter your ctcLink ID and Password

Note: Students must activate their ctcLink account to log in.

Tip: Forgot your password? Select ‘Password Help’ on the same screen you enter your ctcLink ID. This prompt is not available on the Password entry screen.

Picture that shows the Schedule button from the Student Dashboard menu, highlighted by an arrow.

Select ‘Schedule’ from the available menu options

Picture that shows the Schedule menu. An arrow shows the location of the download button.

Select the ‘Download’ Drop-down Menu to Select the Quarter You Want to View

Picture that shows an example downloaded schedule. A notes field explains the current type of view being shown.

Step Four: Review Schedule View Options: List View

Select ‘List View’ if you want to view all classes you are taking—or have taken—in a selected term.

Note: List view displays information for all courses you took in a selected term (quarter), not specific to any calendar date. List View: Changes current view to ‘List View’

Picture showing additional schedule view options. Arrows point to the drop-down menu of the term field, and example of a term being selected.

Step Five: Review Schedule View Options: List View

Select the term you want to view classes for on the ‘Term’ drop-down.

Picture of the list view of the class schedule menu. An arrow points to the expansion button on menu that shows additional details.

Step Six: Review Schedule View Options: List View

Review schedule. Click the ‘expand’ arrow to view more information.

Picture that shows the calendar view of the Class Schedule menu. A note explains the uses and features of this particular view.

Step Seven: Review Schedule View Options: Calendar View

The default schedule view is the current week, indicated in the top-left of the screen.

Note: Calendar view displays information for all courses on your schedule for a selected time period.

Calendar View: View your class schedule for the selected time period in calendar format. Lists all occurrences of classes, exams, and/or wait list classes.

Picture that shows the course information view of the Class Schedule menu. Additional notes explaining the features of the view are shown at the top.

Step Eight: Review Schedule View Options: Course Information

Clicking a course on the schedule opens up its detailed information.

Course Information: Courses that fall within the selected date range are displayed at the top.

Tip: Click the course to expand its details.

Note: Online classes display in the ‘Other’ section above the calendar. Classes with in-person instruction are listed on the calendar.

Picture showing the calendar view of the Class Schedule menu. Arrows point to various features that allow users to refine search results in various ways.

Step Nine: Review Schedule View Options: Refine Your Dates

Use the date selector, arrows, today selector, and time period to sort through different dates and calendar views.

Date Selector: Select the date for which you want to view monthly, weekly, or daily schedules for.

Note: how the calendar displays the date you selected depends on the ‘Time Period’.

Arrows and Today Selector: Use the arrows to toggle through different months, weeks, or days. Select ‘Today’ to jump to the set view with the current day’s date included.

Time Period: Allows you to change the calendar view between ‘month’, ‘week’, and ‘day’.

Picture that shows calendar view of Class Schedule menu. An arrow points to the schedule types field that can be filtered for further refinement of search results.

Step Ten: Review Schedule View Options: Schedule Type

Mark a schedule type if you want the information to display on your schedule.

Schedules: Mark whether you want to view your classes, exams, wait list classes, or any combination of the three. Calendar will only display those that are checked.

Picture that shows the print button on the Class Schedule view, highlighted by arrows.

Step Eleven: Review Schedule View Options: Print Your Schedule

Each view prints the schedule in a different format.

Note: You must select a ‘Term’ from the ‘Term’ drop-down to print a schedule in list view.

Video Tutorial of Step-by-Step ctcLink Class Schedule

Last Updated September 20, 2023