ctcLink for Students: Update Contact Information

Picture that serves as a header for viewing and updating contact information in ctcLink

Explore the information below to learn how to view and/or update your contact information in ctcLink

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Step-by-Step: Update Your Contact Information in ctcLink

Three-step picture guide for signing into ctcLink through the website gateway or mobile app.

Step One: Log in to ctcLink

Visit wa080.ctclink.us OR open your ctcLink mobile app then enter your ctcLink ID and Password.

Note: Students must activate their ctcLink account to log in.

Tip: Forgot your password? Select ‘Password Help’ on the same screen you enter your ctcLink ID. This prompt is not available on the Password entry screen.

Picture that helps users navigate the ctcLink user interface in order to access contact information.

Step Two: Select ‘Contact Information’

Expand ‘My Profile’ dropdown then select ‘Contact Information’.

Picture that depicts the contact information page on ctcLink. On the upper right corner is a tip section, and on the lower right corner there are additional notes for certain fields on the page.

Step Three: Review Contact Information

Some fields may not contain information or be editable

Note: Phone numbers do not have to include country codes. If included they are listed as three digits before your number.

There is a ‘/’ after the area code of your phone number. It will automatically be formatted this way no matter how you enter your phone number in the first place.

Tip: Use the tabs at the top to navigate between additional personal information you can update.

Picture depicting three different pages: on the left, the Edit Home Address Page; in the middle, the Add Address Page; on the right, the Add Future Address Page. On the lower left corner there is a note detailing the types of address that users can add.

Step Four: Update Contact Information: Address(es)

Edit your ‘Home’ address, select ‘Add Address’, OR select ‘Add Future Address’.

Note: Address types you can add are:

  • Billing
  • Business
  • Check
  • Mailing
  • Permanent
  • Preferred
  • Primary
  • Temporary

Enter required information and follow the instructions to create your password. Select ‘Submit’ when done.

Picture showing two pages on ctcLink: on the left, an image depicting the page for editing an existing phone number; on the right, an image depicting the page for adding a new phone number. On the upper right-hand corner of the picture is a note regarding mobile phones, and on the lower left-hand corner is a tip reminding users to select a preferred contact number. At the bottom of the image is another tip that describes how to opt-out of text messages sent by Bellevue College.

Step Five: Update Contact Information: Phone Number(s)

Edit your phone numbers or add a new one.

Note: If you don’t have a mobile number on file, it will also be an option you can add.

Tip: Make sure you select what number you prefer to be contacted at by the college if we have to call you.

Tip: Don’t want to receive text messages from Bellevue College? Opt out online at bellevuecollege.tfaforms.net/f/sms-opt-out (note: you need to create a BC NetID to opt out) or reply ‘Stop’ to a text from the college.

Image showing the page on how to update your email in ctcLink. At the bottom is a note explaining what the "home" email is.

Step Six: Update Contact Information: Email

Edit your ‘Home’ email address.

Note: Your ‘Home’ email is generally the email you used when you applied to Bellevue College, or is an existing email you had in the system (if you attended another college that used ctcLink).

Most email communications continue to be sent to your BC (Campus) email. Check it at bellevuecollege.edu/email

Click ‘Edit’ (pencil) icon. Expand selection options. Select preferred Gender Identity. Click Save.

Video Tutorial of Step-by-Step View/Update Your Contact Information

Last Updated September 18, 2023