ctcLink for Students Permission Numbers Tutorial

Permission Numbers
Learn how to request a permission number to use in ctcLink

Explore the information below to learn how to request and enter a permission number.

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Step-by-Step ctcLink Permission Numbers Tutorial

Three-step picture guide for signing into ctcLink through the website gateway or mobile app.

Log in to ctcLink

Visit wa080.ctclink.us OR open your ctcLink mobile app then enter your ctcLink ID and Password

Note: Students must activate their ctcLink account to log in.

Tip: Forgot your password? Select ‘Password Help’ on the same screen you enter your ctcLink ID. This prompt is not available on the Password entry screen.

Picture that shows the class search page on the Bellevue College website. An arrow points to an example course as a visual aid

Find the Course You Want to Enroll In

Use ‘Class Search’ to find the course and section. View a tutorial on class search.

Picture that shows the expanded course selection information screen. An arrow helps users locate the "Enroll" button no the page.

Step Three: Expand Course Section Information. Select ‘Enroll’.

Picture that shows the enrollment number dialogue box that appears during late enrollment, a full class, or when students do not meet the course prerequisites

Step Four: Verify Permission Number is Required to Enroll.

If you try to enroll when a permission number is required, you will not be able to. Reasons: Late enrollment. Course is full. Prerequisites not met.

The pop up box does not tell you whether or not you need a permission number.

Why would you need a permission number?

  • You are trying to enroll during late enrollment
  • The class you want to enroll in is full
  • You do not meet course prerequisites

Picture that shows the permission number request form on the Bellevue College website. An arrow helps locate the login button used to sign in and request a permission number.

Step Five: Submit a Permission Number Request Form


Note: You must log in with your BC NetID (email address) to request a permission number.

Picture that shows the information necessary to fill out the permission number form.

Step Six: Complete Form with Required Section Information

Class number (five-digit number), Class Name, Class Number (2-3 digits), Class Section, Instructor Name, Instructor Email

Picture that shows the confirmation message upon submission of the permission number form and the successful use of the permission number (if received)

Step Seven: Wait for Instructor to Respond

If approved, they will provide a permission number you can use to enroll. Enter it in the ‘Permission Number’ field.

Your approval/denial for a permission number will be sent to your Bellevue College email address.

Video Tutorial of Step-by-Step ctcLink Permission Numbers

Last Updated September 20, 2023