ctcLink for Students Drop Classes Tutorial

Drop/Withdraw from a Class Learn how to drop/withdraw from a class in ctcLink

Explore the information below to learn how to drop classes in ctcLink.

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Step-by-Step ctcLink Drop Classes Tutorial

Three-step picture guide for signing into ctcLink through the website gateway or mobile app.

Log in to ctcLink

Visit wa080.ctclink.us OR open your ctcLink mobile app then enter your ctcLink ID and Password

Note: Students must activate their ctcLink account to log in.

Tip: Forgot your password? Select ‘Password Help’ on the same screen you enter your ctcLink ID. This prompt is not available on the Password entry screen.

Picture that shows the Student Dashboard on the Bellevue College website. Arrows locate the Enrollment expansion menu and the Drop Classes button.

Expand the Enrollment dropdown

Select ‘Drop Classes’

Picture that disclaims the potential outcomes of dropping a class.

Note: Dropping/withdrawing from a class:

  • May impact your Financial Aid or student account balance
  • Does not guarantee a 100 percent refund (pay attention to key refund dates each quarter, available on the Academic Calendar: bellevuecollege.edu/studentcentral/calendar/
  • Could impact your college transcript

Have questions? Talk to a Financial Aid Specialist or an Academic Advisor to learn how dropping/withdrawing a class will impact your funding and/or academic plans.

Picture that shows the Drop Classes menu. Arrows point to checkboxes used to confirm the classes to be dropped, as well as the "drop" button on the user interface.

Select (Check) the Class You Want to Drop

Add a checkmark in the checkbox. Select ‘Drop’.

Picture that shows the drop class confirmation dialogue. An arrow points to the location of the "Drop" button

Select ‘Drop’ to Confirm

A prompt pops up that lets you confirm or cancel your drop request.

Picture showing the list of classes dropped.

View Drop Results

Verify information is correct, then click ‘OK’

Picture of the Dropped Classes page.

Confirm Removal of Class

Drop Classes page displays without the dropped course.

Video Tutorial of Step-by-Step ctcLink Drop Classes Tutorial

Last Updated September 20, 2023