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ELIUP 069 TOEFL Preparation • 4.5 Cr.


Students improve their test-taking skills, practice taking the TOEFL, and improve their listening comprehension, structure, and reading skills by focusing on specific TOEFL-type exercises. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the ELI program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Listening
    • Listen effectively for key words and idioms in short conversations
    • Identify conditionals, causatives and modals in short conversations
    • Identify negative expressions, time expressions, expressions of quantity, and expressions of comparison in short conversations.
    • Understand nuances expressed through intonation
    • Identify implications intended by speakers
    • Make inferences about people and context
    • Identify main ideas and comprehend details in longer conversations and short lectures
    • Follow a sequence of events through a process in longer conversations and short lectures
    • Comprehend cause and result relationships in longer conversations and short lectures
    • Make inferences and predictions based on information in longer conversations and short lectures
  • Structure
    • Subject, objects, and noun complements
    • Subject verb agreement
    • Verb tense, forms, and meanings
    • Active and passive voice
    • Modals
    • Noun clauses and appositives
    • Gerunds and infinitives
    • Personal, possessive, and reflexive pronouns
    • Expressions of quantity
    • Parallel structure and paired expressions
    • Word form and function
    • Adjectives, adjective clauses and nouns
    • Subordination with adverb clauses
    • Comparative and superlative adjective and adverb constructions
    • Word order
    • Articles
    • Prepositions
  • Reading
    • Use word parts to predict meaning of new vocabulary
    • Use vocabulary in context to determine meaning of unknown words
    • Use skimming and scanning to find test answers quickly
    • Understand the organizational pattern of a passage
    • Recognize pronoun referents
    • Identify the main idea(s) of a passage
    • Identify details and factual information in a passage
    • Make inferences from a passage
    • Recognize the author’s attitude and tone
    • Identify and understand question types
    • Identify likely location of answers based on the question type
  • Toffel test taking skills
    • Understand and follow the directions for the various sections of the test
    • Fill out the scoring grid correctly
    • Score and convert a practice test
    • Budget study time
    • Identify test problem areas
    • Use time wisely during test taking
    • Use effective guessing techniques
    • Use effective test stress reduction techniques

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