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JAPN& 123 Japanese III • 5 Cr.


Continues JAPN& 122. Continues to develop listening, speaking, and reading and writing skills of Japanese. More basic kanji characters and relevant aspects of Japanese culture are introduced. Prerequisite: JAPN& 122 or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Use appropriately and comprehend more grammatically complicated constructions (e.g. second-person references to past and/or future events, or quoting speakers in the past who were talking about a future event, etc.).
  • Use noun-modifying clauses, comparative sentences and superlative sentences.
  • Correctly ask for clarifications and explanations.
  • Recognize and speak/write about obligatory actions.
  • Read ~50~80 additional kanji characters.
  • Know and be able to use appropriately the multiple meanings and multiple pronunciations of each kanji character.



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