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JAPN& 223 Japanese VI • 5 Cr.


Continues JAPN& 222. Students practice listening, speaking, reading and writing in integrated activities relating to a main theme. More kanji and relevant aspects of Japanese culture are introduced. Prerequisite: JAPN& 222 or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Read 61 new kanji characters
  • Talk modestly about one’s own actions
  • Express one action preceded by the negative of another action
  • Use embedded questions such as “I don’t know who/when, etc.” and “I don’t remember what/whether, etc.”
  • Name a thing which one thinks is unfamiliar to the listener
  • Talk about an action which is easy to do or difficult to do
  • Ask and give directions to a place
  • Express unpleasant experiences
  • Talk about a state resulting from someone’s action
  • Talk about an event which takes place in the middle of another event
  • Describe the action of changing something to another state
  • Express what one wants a friend to do and not to do
  • Describe actions making someone do something (against their wishes)
  • Describe actions letting someone do something (according to their wishes)
  • Use a command (teacher to student, parent to child)
  • Give conditional advice
  • Talk about resemblances
  • Discuss an action one was made to do or forced to do
  • Talk about what one decides to do
  • Talk about one’s decision to do something as a regular practice
  • Ask how to do something
  • Identify common Japanese emoticons used in e-mail



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