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PROG 209 Client-Side Web Programming I • 5 Cr.


Students learn and practice the principles of web application development. Students utilize HTML5 and Javascript to build web applications for multiple browsers and devices. Create interactive web content using an interpreted languages such as Javascript and jQuery libraries. Emphasis is placed on planning and production practices. Either PROG 209 or DMA 262 may be taken for credit, not both. Prerequisite: PROG 109 with a C or better.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Apply the basic steps in web development from planning to production
  • Validate html and CSS
  • Create functions and procedures
  • Use variables with appropriate data-types and scope
  • Apply accepted programming standards
  • Use appropriate arithmetic, logical, and comparison operators to develop complex expressions.
  • Debug code across multiple browsers, devices, and platforms.
  • Modify existing web pages by either enhancing or degrading
  • Integrate the CSS Box Model with programming practices
  • Configure web pages with HTML5 structural elements.
  • Instantiate and use objects including Web Forms and controls.
  • Code event-driven procedures (event-handlers)
  • Configure media and interactive elements with advanced HTML 5 techniques



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