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Online Course Information

Information for students taking online courses:

Our online courses fulfill the same course outcomes as those on campus, but they are delivered over the internet via an online course management system called Blackboard VISTA. You will interact with other students and your instructor by use of a web browser from your home, office, Bellevue College or anywhere else you can connect to the internet.

For information about appropriate hardware and software required to participate in your online class, see our documents listing minimum equipment and skills and supported browsers and browser settings.

Textbooks for classes are available from the BCC Bookstore. Check the website for days and hours: or call (425) 564-2285.

Questions? See the Distance Education Homepage or call the office at (425) 564-2438 or toll free at (1-877) 641-2712
for information.

Successful online learning requires:

  • The motivation and self-discipline to focus, set goals, and complete assignments on time without daily face-to-face contact with an instructor.
  • The ability to learn from written materials, including lectures, e-mails, threaded discussions, and chat rooms.
  • A good working knowledge of your computer including use of a web browser and e-mail.
  • The ability to learn and use Blackboard Vista and other software that might be required for a particular course.





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