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We want to give you an update on the ctcLink Training at Bellevue College (BC). The table and graph below show that we are making steady progress with people signing up for the training and completing it. Please continue to follow-up with your teams to ensure that courses are completed on time.

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What are the training deadlines?

  • User Acceptance Testers need to complete their courses by May 31.
  • All staff need to complete their training by June 30.
  • Faculty have been communicated their training deadlines.

How do I see the progress of employees with respect to Phase 1 ctcLink self-paced training?

A Weekly Completion Report is available and uploaded online biweekly to show employee progress. If you think an employee is missing from the report, please email Warda Zaman.

How can my employees register for the Phase 1 ctcLink self-paced training?

Check out the BC ctcLink Phase 1 training website for information on training registration.

How do I as a Manager, track the Phase 1 ctcLink self-paced training?

Here is the link to the training tracker template that you can download for yourself to help you identify and track employee progress.

What resources are there to help me get my team through this transition?

  • ctcLink Managers’ Guide
  • ctcLink Manager Training-Although live sessions are full, you can view the ctcLink Manager Training Recording |ctclink Manager Training Slide Deck from one of our recent sessions. If you have issues accessing the recording and/ or slide deck, please contact Warda Zaman.  
  • ctcLink Demo- Get a feel for the ctcLink system by conducting a ctcLink Demo for your team. Navigate trial-and-error business processes activities on your own. This environment is self-guided and you can explore PeopleSoft tools, practice steps, and workflows.
  • Training Check-in Sessions– Employees who have completed ctcLink self-paced training courses are welcome to drop-in for these sessions. You can view the specific topics covered in each of the sessions and meeting linkshere.
  • Regular ctcLink communication from leadership and the change management team- Direct any questions to Maria Rivas.

Are there any other helpful links and resources?


We look forward to your support in helping your employees complete their ctcLink training.

Please email Warda Zaman or Maria Rivas if you have any questions regarding this email or training. 

Warda Zaman | Training and Professional Development Manager , Human Resources   (425) 564‐2273    3000 Landerholm Circle SE  

Last Updated August 15, 2021